Macron Projected to Win Comfortable Majority in French Election

Macron Projected to Win Comfortable Majority in French Election There are a total of 7,882 candidates competing for the seats. French voters have traditionally rallied behind their new leader in the legislative elections that always follow the presidential ballot. The Socialist Party , which dominated the outgoing Assembly, is set to face significant defeat, with only a few dozen seats and many candidates eliminated in the first round. [Full Article...]

Afghans mourn a day after massive truck bombing kills 90

Afghans mourn a day after massive truck bombing kills 90 The blast blew in the doors and windows of the embassy building, Esme Nicholson reports for NPR from Berlin. Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said: "The Islamic Emirate (as the Taliban call themselves) condemn those blasts carried out against civilians and in which civilians suffer casualties without a clear target". [Full Article...]

Iran Arrests 8 Suspected of Supporting Tehran Attacks

As the 17 victims were buried on Friday, Iran's current Shiite leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , and parliamentary speaker, Ali Larijani , directed blame at the United States and Saudi Arabia - the nation's fiercest regional rival. [Full Article...]

UK polls: Theresa May's two closest advisers quit after election debacle

UK polls: Theresa May's two closest advisers quit after election debacle May's office said Saturday that the Democratic Unionist Party , which has 10 seats in Parliament, had agreed to a "confidence and supply" arrangement with the government. "The DUP favors Brexit but wants to preserve its open border with the Republic of Ireland, an EU member even after Britain leaves the European Union". [Full Article...]

Iran says it has killed mastermind of twin attacks

The ceremonies began on June 9 at the parliament building, one of the targets of the June 7 attacks claimed by the extremist group Islamic State (IS). "We underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote ". IS has threatened to step up recruitment within Iran , releasing its first Persian-language video in March in which it threatened to "conquer ... [Full Article...]

Trump says US is committed to mutual support of NATO allies

Trump says US is committed to mutual support of NATO allies Trump said Friday that he was "committing the United States to Article 5 ". "It is not enough to speak to our NATO allies generally of "the commitments that bind us together as one" or note that 'we will never forsake the friends who stood by our side.' Each president since the treaty's signing has endorsed Article 5, and we call on you to do the same". [Full Article...]

Iran says arrests seven suspects linked to Tehran attacks

The Islamic Republic of Iran has suffered a disgusting terrorist attack on its soil, which killed 17 and injured many more. In a condolence message posted Friday on his official website, Ayatollah Khamenei described the attack "a clear sign of the vicious grudge and enmity of arrogant mercenaries toward the dignified people of Iran , and toward everything that is related to the revolution... [Full Article...]

Saudi ally Bahrain demands Qatar distance itself from Iran

Kuwait's emir is working to mediate the Gulf crisis around Qatar, which is home to a major USA military base and the host of the 2022 Fifa World Cup. More than 11,000 USA and coalition forces are at the base, from which more than 100 aircraft operate. [Full Article...]

This 'bot' formats Trump's tweets as White House statements

Importantly, the American public now believe that the president tweets too much. Trump then launched a renewed attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan in the wake of a deadly terrorist attack in the city. Trump says the families have "had their lives completely upended by the disaster known as Obamacare". White House sources admitted that they were anxious, saying they were purposely trying to kee... [Full Article...]

Sessions to appear before Senate intelligence committee

Sessions to appear before Senate intelligence committee He said deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein would appear before the sub-committees. Sessions said the Senate Intelligence Committee is most appropriate because it "has access to relevant, classified information". Comey's appearance raised new questions about the attorney general's relationship with Russian officials and others with ties to President Vladimir Putin. [Full Article...]

British PM Theresa May reaches 'outline' power deal after election fiasco

She said: "That is why I think at this critical time for our country it is important to form a government in the national interest". She is working today on finalising her cabinet . The DUP was founded in the 1970s by the late firebrand preacher Ian Paisley, and in the 1980s was a key player in the "Save Ulster from Sodomy" campaign, which unsuccessfully fought against the legalization of g... [Full Article...]

Pound dives as UK plunges into new period of uncertainty

Pound dives as UK plunges into new period of uncertainty The British currency lost as much as 3 cents against the dollar by Friday as the results confirmed exit poll predictions that Prime Minister Theresa May had failed in her gambit to gain a stronger majority for those Brexit talks. The session got underway with the pound tumbling to a seven-week low below $1.27, after Britain's general election left the country facing a "hung parliament ", wher... [Full Article...]

Pakistan waging 'undeclared war' against Afghanistan: Ghani

Pakistan waging 'undeclared war' against Afghanistan: Ghani In his welcome address, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani confirmed the death toll in the truck bombing had risen sharply, from 90 to 150; over 300 others remain injured. His statement came after the Afghan Interior Ministry confirmed that the explosives used in lastWednesday's bombing were from Pakistan. According to Al Jazeera, who contacted Taliban said that the group was not involved in th... [Full Article...]

As Tillerson calls for calm, Trump calls out Qatar on terror

Qatar has vowed to ride out the isolation imposed on it and said it would not compromise its sovereignty over foreign policy to resolve the region's biggest diplomatic crisis in years. When Mr. Trump spoke to the press shortly after the Secretary's statement, he did not repeat the call for lifting the blockade and instead launched a lengthy criticism of Qatar. [Full Article...]

Merkel urges speedy Brexit talks after UK vote

Mrs Merkel, who is meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to discuss trade, told reporters gathered in Mexico City on Friday: "I assume that Britain, from what I heard from the prime minister today, wants to stick to its negotiating plan". [Full Article...]

UK police name third man behind London terror attack

UK police name third man behind London terror attack Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson acknowledged the security services had to provide answers. The name of third victim, 28-year-old Kirsty Boden, was released on Tuesday. "That's where the question of resources comes into play". A second attacker was named as Rachid Redouane , a 30-year-old who had claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan. [Full Article...]

Powerball hits $435 million, 10th largest US jackpot ever

The lucky numbers drawn Saturday night were 20-26-32-38-58, and the Powerball number was 3. Saturday night's drawing is for a $447.8 million jackpot. The cash value lump sum is an estimated $273.1 million. The estimated prize is based on a victor choosing an annuity, which pays off over 29 years. [Full Article...]

Trump slams Qatar for funding terror as Tillerson urges calm

Trump slams Qatar for funding terror as Tillerson urges calm The UAE also cut postal ties with Qatar. The list of 59 figures and 12 entities includes the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Yousef al-Qaradawi. The UAE's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said on Wednesday that the country could continue to impose further restrictions on Qatar if the GCC state refused to amend its policies. [Full Article...]

Iran arrests 7 suspects for supporting Tehran attacks

Iran arrests 7 suspects for supporting Tehran attacks On Thursday, the Intelligence Ministry released the pictures and first names of perpetrators of the attacks, identifying the five gunmen as Qayyoum, Abu Jihad, Ramin, Serias, and Fereydoun, without announcing their surnames. Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard indirectly blamed Saudi Arabia for the attacks. Furthermore, ISIS also claims to have already established their footholds in thr... [Full Article...]

Gadhafi's son released after more than 5 years of detention

Gadhafi's son released after more than 5 years of detention That government - based in the east of the country - had already offered amnesty to Saif al-Islam. "He is now free and has left the city of Zintan ", the statement on Facebook said. The Zintani militia refused to comply with the court verdict. Seif al-Islam, 44, whose name means sword of Islam, is the second of Kadhafi's eight children, the eldest son of his second wife Safiya. [Full Article...]

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