White House to challenge court's travel ban block

White House to challenge court's travel ban block The Attorney General made the announcement hours after the United States 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Virginia, voted 10-3 to sustain a March 16 decision by a federal district judge in Maryland that stayed enforcement of the executive order , Xinhua news agency reported. [Full Article...]

Trump Meeting With Arab Leaders Ahead of Major Speech

Trump Meeting With Arab Leaders Ahead of Major Speech President Trump presented the world's top Muslim leaders Sunday with a message that was both reassuring and direct, offering "closer bonds of friendship, security, culture and commerce" but also challenging them to "drive out" of their societies those who claim inspiration from Islam as they commit terror around the world. [Full Article...]

Police make three further arrests following Manchester Arena terror attack

Monday's terror attack has raised the terror threat to be raised to critical - the highest level - which means an attack is " expected imminently ". There has been considerable police activity around Manchester since the bombing. The BBC reported that security services thought the bomb was too sophisticated for Abedi to have built by himself. [Full Article...]

Steve Kerr Still 'not able to coach,' Finals Status Unclear

LeBron James produced three superhuman performances to lead Cleveland to last year's National Basketball Association title - now he faces an even tougher task to repeat the feat. The Warriors now have a week off until the NBA Finals begin on June 1st. He said he considered Durant that player. "Well, the game has changed", West said. [Full Article...]

What's at stake in Trump's push to rewrite NAFTA

With a letter to American lawmakers, USA trade representative Robert Lighthizer said he triggered a 90-day consultation period with Congress, industries and the American public that would allow talks over one of the world's biggest trading blocs to begin by August 16th. [Full Article...]

Chelsea Manning Has Been Released From Prison

Transgender army private Chelsea Manning - previously known as Bradley - has been released from jail after serving seven years of her 35-year sentence , which was commuted by then-US President Barack Obama in January. During her incarceration, she came out as a transgender woman. She was not able to flee overseas like Edward Snowden, who in 2013 released documents showing that the NSA... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump's wife Melania rejects his affectionate advance

The swat heard 'round the world appears to have a sequel. The first couple later held hands at the church of the Holy Sepulchre as she walked down the stone steps. Trump was reaching for his wife's hand at the top of the airplane stairs. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Sara held hands and walked together with Trump and Melania. [Full Article...]

Ex-CIA chief says he warned Russians about election meddling

Ex-CIA chief says he warned Russians about election meddling Congress, simultaneously with different federal agencies, is conducting several investigations to determine possible coordination between Trump's campaign and the Kremlin to interfere in the presidential election to hurt the chances of Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton. [Full Article...]

S. Korea fires shots at N. Korea after object crosses border

S. Korea fires shots at N. Korea after object crosses border The top American military commander in South Korea said Thursday a series of North Korean provocations means the allies should put more pressure on the communist nation. South Korea's Defence Ministry said yesterday that detailed examinations pointed to "balloon-like objects", 10 of which were observed flying with the winds in the border area. [Full Article...]

White House Reviewing Sanctions On Russia Over Aggression In Ukraine

White House Reviewing Sanctions On Russia Over Aggression In Ukraine The White House denied President Donald Trump told European leaders he's anxious Brexit will cost American jobs, a position that would run counter to his previous praise of the breakup. "It was for me a very positive moment in our discussions". While in Belgium, Trump will unveil a memorial to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the only time in the alliance's history that the Artic... [Full Article...]

GOP Lawmakers React as Candidate 'Bodyslamming' Incident Threatens Election

Gianforte , who was charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly attacking Jacobs at a campaign event the day before, will take a seat previously held by Ryan Zinke , who earlier this year became President Donald Trump's interior secretary. [Full Article...]

Manchester terror probe: United Kingdom police make 7th arrest

He died during the attack. He denied having ties to any of Libya's militant groups, including the Libya Islamic Fighting Group, which was linked to al-Qaida. Ramadan Abedi, 51, earlier spoke to The Associated Press by phone and insisted that his son, Salman, was innocent and just had been preparing to go on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia . [Full Article...]

Meeting with Abbas, Trump calls Manchester attackers 'evil losers'

Noting how Trump did not mention Palestinian statehood or a two-state solution in his public remarks with Abbas, Knesset member Ofir Akunis (Likud) said , "This is a huge achievement, on a historic scale, and a big win for anyone opposed to the mistaken and unsafe idea of a Palestinian terror state in the heart of Israel ". [Full Article...]

US diplomat: China tightened border controls with N. Korea

US diplomat: China tightened border controls with N. Korea It is feared that Pyongyang may be preparing for a new nuclear test, and the regime last month celebrated the 105th anniversary of the birth of its founder with a huge military parade which unveiled what appear to be new inter-continental ballistic missiles. [Full Article...]

FBI declines to provide requested materials to House Oversight

In a letter Thursday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation cited the appointment of special prosecutor Robert Mueller as the reason behind its decision to withhold the documents. He said the House Oversight Committee "in no way wants to impede or interfere with the Special Counsel's ability to conduct his investigation" but asked the FBI to "produce these documents to the Committee immediately"... [Full Article...]

Trump says he didn't mention Israel in meeting with Russians

Trump says he didn't mention Israel in meeting with Russians But Trump also rejected the "clash of civilizations" rhetoric espoused by some of his more nationalistic advisers. Mr Trump, in his weird innocence, believes that the Sunni Muslim world's desire to destroy Shia Iran and its allies is the key to Arab-Israeli peace. [Full Article...]

Rahul Gandhi denied permission to visit Saharanpur

Rahul Gandhi denied permission to visit Saharanpur On May 5, one person was killed and 16 people, including a head constable, were injured in clashes between the Dalits and the Rajputs in Shabbirpur and Simlana villages. The latest unrest in the Saharanpur region of Uttar Pradesh state began after members of the Dalit community, formerly known as "the untouchables", threw stones at the homes of upper caste Rajput Hindus on Tuesday. [Full Article...]

Rouhani says Iran's ballistic missile program will continue

Rouhani says Iran's ballistic missile program will continue Emmanuel Macron, leader of the center-left En Marche party, won France's presidential election in early May. Rouhani's victory has proven once again that the candidate closest to the supreme leader is not guaranteed victory. However, under Rouhani, common sense has prevailed after years of futile resistance, and Iran agreed to cap its nuclear program in 2015. But other powerful instituti... [Full Article...]

Britain deploys troops to prevent attacks after Manchester bombing

The developments came as the probe was hit by further leaks to the United States media, with the New York Times releasing crime scene pictures appearing to show bomb fragments and the hiking backpack used to hide the explosive. British police and intelligence agencies worked Wednesday to piece together the allegiances of the Manchester suicide bomber and foil any new potential threats, as th... [Full Article...]

Facing anxious European leaders, Trump goes on offensive

President Trump has ordered the Justice Department to investigate the source of those leaks. Notably, he also did not offer an explicit public endorsement of NATO's "all for one, one for all" collective defense principle, though White House officials said his mere presence at the meeting signaled his commitment. [Full Article...]

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