Saudi king slams Iran as 'spearhead of global terrorism'

Saudi king slams Iran as 'spearhead of global terrorism' Trump added that Muslim leaders must do more to confront extremism. Mr Trump has retreated from a campaign pledge to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, bending to the same diplomatic and security concerns as other presidents who have made similar promises. [Full Article...]

North Korea: New long-range missile can carry heavy nuke

North Korea: New long-range missile can carry heavy nuke Amid growing tensions over Pyongyang's array of missile tests, Beijing in February banned imports of North Korean coal citing United Nations resolutions for all of its measures against North Korea Coal is North Korea's main export and an important source of foreign currencies for its economy and China is its major importer. [Full Article...]

Drake, Beyonce early winners at 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Drake, Beyonce early winners at 2017 Billboard Music Awards Adele set a record at the show in 2012 with 12 wins. The rapper-singer, who was also joined by Jason Derulo at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday, performed "No Frauds", her song that was a response to fellow rapper Remy Ma's infamous diss track against Minaj. [Full Article...]

A young girl snatched by a sea lion while on a dock

The New York Post reports and it's clear in the video that a man immediately went to the girl's aid and managed to get her safely back on the dock. He is able to promptly retrieve the girl, who leaves quickly with her family; Fujiwara describes them as "pretty shaken up". [Full Article...]

John McCain calls for expulsion of Turkey's ambassador to US

Eleven people were injured, including a police officer , and nine were taken to a hospital, the Metropolitan Police chief, Peter Newsham, said at a news conference on Wednesday. "Brett McGurk, the USA's special envoy in the fight against Daesh (Islamic State), is definitely and clearly giving support to the PKK and YPG". I agree with @SenJohnMcCain.Unacceptable. [Full Article...]

Palestinians hold general strike ahead of Trump's arrival

Palestinians hold general strike ahead of Trump's arrival The most prominent demands include: ending the policy of administrative detention, ending the policy of solitary confinement, ending the policy of banning families' and lawyers' visits, ending the policy of medical negligence and other legitimate demands. [Full Article...]

IS claims attack in northern Syria that killed insurgents

IS claims attack in northern Syria that killed insurgents The evacuation of al-Waer district is one of the largest of its kind, after a series of similar deals in recent months brought many areas of western Syria long held by the opposition and besieged by government and allied forces back under Assad's control. [Full Article...]

Watch Ringling Bros. hold its final show today

Watch Ringling Bros. hold its final show today On those service cars, these people live a life outside and away from the controversies that have surrounded their show over the last several years. Head clown Davis Vassallo poses for a portrait before taking part in the last weekend of the Ringling Bros . [Full Article...]

Triple Crown likely to have three different winners this year

He is well prepared and he reveled that fact, Castellano: "I think I always had a lot of confidence in this horse but I didn't have the opportunity to ride the horse". He'd won his first four by a combined 23 1/4 lengths. But when Cloud Computing made a charge, Classic Empire had nothing left to give. Brown thinks like Frankel and trains like him, always giving his horses plenty of time be... [Full Article...]

Marshall talks NAFTA with grain trade delegation from Mexico

UPA senior vice-president of public policy Robert Guenther said: "The fruit and vegetable industry is highly dependent on worldwide trade, both exports from the USA and imports from critical trading partners such as Mexico and Canada". Negotiations stand to put President Trump into a politically tight spot at a time when the current political turmoil already threatens to hold up parts of his ag... [Full Article...]

Here's how impeachment works - and why Trump is safe for now

In a statement issued announcing his intention to call for impeachment Green explained, "President Trump is not above the law". Though Green says he will formally call for impeachment before his colleagues on Wednesday , the congressman had actually called for impeachment on Monday . [Full Article...]

DQ Win Sees Boxer's Uncle Punching His Opponent

Tempers were running high in the ring after the fight, when Dirrell's trainer and uncle, Leon Lawson Jr, threw a series of punches at Uzcategui following the contest. Earlier in the fight, I had warned Uzcategui. He looked like he was going for a third before a member of Uzcategui's team pulled him off and police stepped in to restore order. [Full Article...]

Big game hunter crushed to death by elephant during Zimbabwe shoot

Big game hunter crushed to death by elephant during Zimbabwe shoot Another hunter, in order to save Botha, fatally shot the elephant who had a hold of Botha. The world renowned hunting guide was leading a group of hunters in Zimbabwe when they came across a herd of elephants, News 24 reported. Van Zyl, 44, was on a hunt at the Chikwaraka camp in Zimbabwe, when he disappeared on April 7. DNA samples taken from contents found in the stomachs of two crocodiles... [Full Article...]

Next stop for Trump is Israel, in pursuit of 'ultimate deal'

Next stop for Trump is Israel, in pursuit of 'ultimate deal' Trump landed in Saudi Arabia on Saturday for his first foreign tour since taking office. "We have no demand for a settlement freeze", Friedman said in an interview with Israel Hayom. Among those at the speech were Trump's new ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, who also attended a party celebrating the Six Day War victory sponsored by Arutz 7, a radio station run by the settler movement. [Full Article...]

EC's EVM hacking challenge not open: AAP

EC's EVM hacking challenge not open: AAP In lieu of this clarification, the EC also issued a statement challenging state and central political parties to prove their stance on the EVMs being tampered with. "In Brazil, the machines used in elections are called "electronic ballot boxes" which are stand-alone direct electronic recording systems". Earlier in May, the Delhi Assembly had held a daylong special session in which the ruling AAP... [Full Article...]

Trump Won't Use Israel Trip to Announce Embassy Move

A diplomatic blowup over the status of Jerusalem, followed by revelations Trump had shared highly classified Israeli intelligence with Russian Federation, has reinforced the president's image as dangerously unpredictable. His next stop will be Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on May 22 and May 23 where he will meet with Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu and visit the Western Wall and the Chruch of the Holy... [Full Article...]

Comey set to testify publicly about why Trump fired him

Ousted FBI Director Comey agrees to testify in open Senate hearingTwo new reports add to a turbulent week in Washington politics. Mr Trump has insisted at times the decision was his alone, but he also has pointed to a "very strong" recommendation from Deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein. [Full Article...]

Sweden Drops Julian Assange Rape Investigation

Sweden Drops Julian Assange Rape Investigation He had missed seeing his children growing up. In a Twitter post, WikiLeaks said the United Kingdom has refused to comment whether it has received a US warrant to extradite Assange, and added: "Focus now moves to UK". Manning was released on Wednesday after spending seven years in a USA military prison. "Julian Assange has been a victim of a huge abuse of procedure". [Full Article...]

Military solution for North Korea would be 'tragic': Mattis

Military solution for North Korea would be 'tragic': Mattis The terror group seemed to appear from nowhere two years ago and swept across Syria and Iraq, causing death and destruction wherever it touched. "If this goes to a military solution, it is going to be tragic on an unbelievable scale, and so our effort is to work with the United Nations, work with China, work with Japan, work with South Korea to try to find a way out of this situation", Mattis s... [Full Article...]

UN Security Council vows sanctions over N. Korea missile test

UN Security Council vows sanctions over N. Korea missile test Aside from space launches, Jeffrey Lewis of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in the USA told AFP: "This is the longest range missile North Korea has ever tested". North Korea on Sunday test-fired a ballistic missile from a region near its west coast amid tense relations with U.S., global media reported. It flew for 30 minutes - longer than any previous North Korean test. [Full Article...]

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