Award-winning sports writer Frank Deford dies at 78

Award-winning sports writer Frank Deford dies at 78 In addition to the written word, Deford's voice became a dependable part of NPR's " Morning Edition " from 1980 until he retired in May 2017, shortly before his death. Back in 2012, President Barack Obama honored Deford with a National Humanities Medal. "Frank was a giant in the world of sports ". Frank Deford was awarded a National Humanities Medal by President Obama in 2013. [Full Article...]

North Korea fires Scud-class ballistic missile amid protests

North Korea fires Scud-class ballistic missile amid protests The launch comes despite tough talk from US President Donald Trump , who promised last week at the G7 summit that the "big problem" of North Korea "will be solved". Yesterday's launch was Pyongyang's third ballistic missile test since the inauguration on May 10 of South Korean President Moon Jae In, who favours friendly relations with the North. [Full Article...]

Texas passes softened voter ID law after judge finds bias

Texas passes softened voter ID law after judge finds bias AUSTIN - Gov. Greg Abbott , expressing disappointment at the Legislature's failure to continue in business the agency regulating doctors, said Monday he will announce his plans for a special legislation later this week. But last week, Patrick threatened to force a special session if the House did not rubber-stamp the property tax and bathroom bills previously passed by the Senate - even though ... [Full Article...]

North Korea Missile Tests: US Warns Against Supporting Pyongyang

South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Lee Duk-haeng told reporters the government's most basic stance is that communication lines between South and North Korea should reopen. China accounts for the vast majority of North Korea's global trade. The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations told countries Tuesday that they must join the effort to prevent North Korea from getting a nuclear wea... [Full Article...]

Anthony Weiner cries while apologizing in court

Anthony Weiner cries while apologizing in court Anthony Weiner , former U.S. Democrat Representative from NY, speaks to the media before the start of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 26, 2016. Weiner's conduct was not only reprehensible, but a federal crime, one for which he is now convicted and will be sentenced . He ran for New York City mayor in 2013 and was leading several polls until it was revealed he had con... [Full Article...]

Navy parachutist dies during demonstration over Hudson River

The Navy SEAL who lost his life in this accident is not identified to the public as of yet. "I don't think 90 percent of the people there were aware", Malinowski said, describing a gathering in the park that included food trucks, a Navy band and lots of small children. [Full Article...]

Comparing votes in Montana

House contest in Montana history, with spending by the campaigns and outside groups topping $18 million, or twice as much as the old record set just previous year. One of the Fox News staffers present, Alicia Acuna, reported that "Gianforte grabbed Jacobs the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him". [Full Article...]

Kushner sought secret back channel with Russia

Kushner sought secret back channel with Russia Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 28, 2017 It is my opinion that numerous leaks coming out of the White House are fabricated lies made up by the #FakeNews media. Second issue will be Kushner's relationship with former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The latest reports in the Russian Federation matter said Kushner spoke with Russia's ambassador to the United States about setting up secret... [Full Article...]

Manchester police arrest man, 25, in bomb probe

Manchester police arrest man, 25, in bomb probe Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said members of the suicide attacker's circle were still "potentially" unaccounted for, despite optimism following a wave of initial arrests. "I'll be returning to the incredibly courageous city of Manchester to spend time with my fans and to have a benefit concert in honour of and to raise money for the victims and their families", she continued. [Full Article...]

3 men stole auto, killed 6-year-old in back seat

Thursday, May 18 - 1:15 a.m. - 6-year-old Kingston Frazier is last seen in the parking lot of the Kroger on I-55 North in Jackson . Kingston Frazier , the 6-year-old who was the center of an Amber Alert based out of Jackson , Mississippi , has been found dead, police told FOX13. [Full Article...]

Health care bill: Premiums may decline, but many will pay more

That was a knock on 11th-hour changes Republicans made in the bill to gain conservatives' votes by letting states get waivers to boost premiums on the ill and reduce coverage requirements. In contrast, under the House's alternative, the CBO predicts that about one-sixth of the population would reside "in areas in which the nongroup market would start to become unstable beginning in 2020". [Full Article...]

23 million more uninsured with GOP health bill, analysts say

Using the CBO analysis , CAP estimates that, by 2026, about 53,000 fewer people on average will have coverage in each congressional district. That includes 14 million people next year alone, many of them losing health care coverage as $800 billion is slashed from Medicaid over time. [Full Article...]

Senate mulling toned-down version of healthcare plan

Wealthy Americans and the insurance industries are set to benefit from the GOP bill, with $663 billion in estimated tax cuts over the next 10 years. First, the health care bill that House Republicans passed to replace Obamacare, which is collapsing, will not become law.Rod Blum of Iowa said the House Obamacare repeal bill only "tweaks" the Affordable Care Act and would have liked to ha... [Full Article...]

Crews Get Air Support As They Battle Los Angeles Brush Fires

Crews Get Air Support As They Battle Los Angeles Brush Fires More than 115 firefighters were on scene as the flames moved uphill through heavy brush. A plume of smoke from the fire could be seen from Mount Wilson in Pasadena. Incidentally, Stewart said that the brush clearance efforts around the homes in Mandeville Canyon may have protected that community from the flames. [Full Article...]

UNC, Wake Forest selected as NCAA baseball regional hosts

UNC, Wake Forest selected as NCAA baseball regional hosts The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville campus was announced as one of 16 regional host sites Sunday shortly after the Razorbacks' 4-2 loss to LSU in the SEC Tournament championship game. The NCAA will unveil the complete bracket at noon on Monday, including which teams are selected for national seeds along with the pairings and schedule for the Regionals. [Full Article...]

Trump calls foreign trip a 'home run' in remarks to U.S. troops

Trump calls foreign trip a 'home run' in remarks to U.S. troops But since taking office, Trump has not moved to withdraw the USA from the Paris agreement . The fraying consensus among seven core, like-minded liberal democracies of "the West" was clearly on display at the annual meeting that ended on Saturday - even for those not in the room when Donald Trump faced off with fellow leaders in the Sicilian resort town of Taormina. [Full Article...]

Trump calls first trip abroad 'home run' as challenges await

Macron won the French presidency on May 7. Abe adds, "there is a danger it can spread like a contagious disease". "Money is beginning to pour in- North Atlantic Treaty Organisation will be much stronger", Trump said in a tweet . US President Donald Trump reaffirmed, Sunday, America's "unbreakable bond with the State of Israel" during a speech to US troops stationed at the Naval Air Station ... [Full Article...]

Trump's speech to Israeli parliament scrapped amid concerns

Saudi Foreign Minister Jubeir also said , "If we can change the conversation in the Islamic world from enmity towards the U.S.to partnership with the USA, and if we can change the conversation in the USA and in the West from enmity towards the Islamic world to one of partnership, we will have changed our world and we will have truly drowned the voices of extremism and we will have drained the swa... [Full Article...]

Does Trump's Budget Cut Medicaid Funding? No One Seems To Know

Trump's plan calls for repealing and replacing President Barack Obama's health care law, cutting Medicaid, eliminating student loan subsidies and sharply slashing food stamps. Mick Mulvaney, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, said the double-counting was done "on objective". Mulvaney told the House Budget Committee that "receipts now are coming a little bit slower than expect... [Full Article...]

Trump makes G-7 deal on trade, takes rain check on climate

Never miss a story again - sign up to our Telegram channel and we'll keep you up to speed! Twenty-two Republican senators, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, sent a letter to Trump urging him to withdraw from the deal. [Full Article...]

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