Colorado Considers Smartphone Sales Age Limit

Colorado Considers Smartphone Sales Age Limit Tim Farnum , who is leading the movement, told The Coloradoan on Saturday. The group was originally formed by concerned parents who wanted to find a legal way to ban retailers from selling smartphones to young children . Under the proposed law, monthly reports would have to be submitted by retailers to the Colorado Department of Revenue to make sure the ban is being adhered to. [Full Article...]

How the Xbox One X helped Forza 7 shine on older consoles

At this year's E3, Microsoft finally revealed the newest version of their Xbox One . This is often been the criticism that's been making its way around the block when talking about the Xbox One X . We will have been in the market for a year with PS4 Pro , and that thing also is selling faster than we can make them. The first person shooter was supposed to have released on PCs because no bette... [Full Article...]

South Korea to scrap building new nuclear power plants

Our Kim In-kyung has more. Moon jae-in said that safety was the biggest reason for the change, which will mean South Korea's 25 nuclear reactors gradually being taken off-line as they reach the end of their working lives. The president said the business community's concerns about power shortages, energy bill hikes and the expense of shutting down reactors can not deter his nuclear-free energy po... [Full Article...]

Pokemon GO Revamping Gyms, Adding Co-op Raids

Pokemon GO Revamping Gyms, Adding Co-op Raids Gym conquerors will also earn badges which can be leveled up for use at Pokestops in order to get better items. Rather they feature six permanent slots that can be filed by the controlling team's Pokemon and each Pokemon should be unique. "If a Pokemon loses all motivation , it will leave the Gym and return to its Trainer the next time it loses a battle, so you'll want to keep your team's Pokemon... [Full Article...]

Doctors Update Condition of Congressman Shot at Baseball Practice

Almost 25,000 tickets were sold for the game and it was on track to raise more than $1 million, roughly double what it did a year ago, organizers said . During the game, there weren't many partisan chants. "We think this is an historic occasion". Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is still asking northern Virginians for help in trying to determine a motive behind the attack. [Full Article...]

Supreme Court to hear partisan gerrymandering case

Supreme Court to hear partisan gerrymandering case Last year, a three-judge federal court broke new ground when it ruled the map was unconstitutional because its "motivating factor" was an "intent to entrench a political party in power". "We've already had two federal courts declare the map unconstitutional in part or whole", said Sachin Chheda, director of the Fair Elections Project, which organized and launched the lawsuit on behalf of a group o... [Full Article...]

Blumenthal to hold 'field hearing' on health care overhaul

Blumenthal to hold 'field hearing' on health care overhaul Republicans from states that accepted the expansion want a much more gradual rollback of the expansion. Portman is playing a key role in another negotiation over Medicaid. That's not normal, say nonpartisan health care analysts and historians. While several Democratic lawmakers applaud the idea, some remain hesitant, fearing the move will paint them as obstructing business while setting the po... [Full Article...]

Kepler telescope finds 10 more possible life-friendly planets

NASA has found new evidence of 219 planets outside our Solar System. "This carefully-measured catalog is the foundation for directly answering one of astronomy's most compelling questions - how many planets like our Earth are in the galaxy?" said Susan Thompson , Kepler research scientist for the SETI Institute . [Full Article...]

Ronaldo attracting the headlines after report he might leave

The rumours have emerged in the wake of an official legal complaint made by Spanish prosecutors in which Ronaldo was accused of a "voluntary" and "conscious" breach of his tax obligations, totalling EUR14.7million. After Russia's 2-0 win over New Zealand in the tournament's opening game, both sides will be aiming to open their accounts with three points with qualification very much expected fo... [Full Article...]

Nevada governor signs bill to revive solar industry

Nevada governor signs bill to revive solar industry The policy reinstatement will "bring in thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in positive economic benefit" to Nevada, Tesla executive JB Straubel said at the bill's signing. Some analysts believe the policy is a wealth transfer from public utilities to rooftop solar companies, because the demand and price for the electrical power fluctuates widely on any given day . [Full Article...]

Amazon deal for Whole Foods could bring retail experiments

The deal would give Amazon control of 430-plus U.S. Whole Foods stores, almost all of which are in neighborhoods more affluent and younger than America as a whole, noted David Portalatin, the NPD Group's vice president of food industry analysis. [Full Article...]

Michael Phelps to swim in a race against a shark

Michael Phelps to swim in a race against a shark The rather vaguely worded announcement says Phelps will take on "An event so monumental no one has ever attempted it before". Mister "39 World Records" gets his name right there in the title, but I'm just called " Shark ". Entering its 29th season, Shark Week has tapped Phelps to appear both on the opening evening of July 23rd and the closing night of July 30th. Like, I presume there's no way Ph... [Full Article...]

Scientists create first ever quantum satellite network

Scientists create first ever quantum satellite network The team has broken earlier record for distance of 86 miles, of sending information via entangled particles . Micius is the world's first quantum satellite . It is of great significance for secure communications, quantum computation and simulation, and enhanced metrology. "The experiment shows that long-range quantum communication is indeed technologically feasible and holds out the promis... [Full Article...]

Trump knows he is "being investigated for firing the FBI Director"

Today, in another series of furious tweets , it seems Trump has inadvertently confirmed this news . In his latest of four Friday morning tweets , all angry and combative, the President says he is being investigated, and appears to target Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein . [Full Article...]

Ronaldo thinking only of Confederations Cup, says Silva

Germany is the top-ranked team in the eight-nation Confederations Cup , at No. 3, but it came to Russian Federation with a second-string squad that has only three players from the team that won the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. A good performance at the Confederations Cup will virtually secure him a fifth world player of the year award, equaling Lionel Messi. Andre Silva , the 21-year-old forwar... [Full Article...]

Atari CEO Says the Company is "Back in the Hardware Business"

Atari CEO Says the Company is In a surprise move, Atari has announced that it's returning to hardware business with a brand new console. Atari has had a hard past at times, with the company filing for bankruptcy protection in 2013. Given Atari's catalog of classic games, it'd make a lot of sense for the company to re-release its library - or maybe just a handful of fan-favorites - on a "modern" console that easily connects t... [Full Article...]

Details released on Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Orlando

Also, Cappy is unreceptive to damages, making it apt for less experienced players, notes The Verge. Mario will control its running, jumping, and camera but, will not be able to control Cappy in co-op mode. The second player will control a new character named Cappy , that looks a lot like a floating hat . Various retailers have made the game available for pre-orders. [Full Article...]

Grocery store stocks plummet after Amazon-Whole Foods deal

The damage didn't stop there: Food companies themselves, like Hershey and Campbell Soup, also slumped because of investor concerns that Amazon will do for their products what it does for everything else - cut prices ruthlessly. 1 on this year's Fortune 500. That's frustrated investors saddled with a drop of almost 43 percent from the start of 2014 through Thursday, while the rest of the sto... [Full Article...]

Sony fires at Xbox with arsenal of big PS4 games

His statement below seems pointing towards Sony's stern considerations towards PS4 exclusive titles. Last month, Nielsen claimed that the Xbox One X was less desired by gamers than the Playstation 4 Pro, similar to how the vanilla Playstation 4 is more desired than the vanilla Xbox One. [Full Article...]

Samsung Launches Bixby Voice Early Access Program In The US

Samsung Launches Bixby Voice Early Access Program In The US With the preview program, Samsung could make Bixby ideal for the public roll out. Samsung's much-touted, but mostly absent, smart assistant continues to amble its way to the U.S. The leak claimed the top bezel on the Note 8 will measure just 6.7mm. On the other hand, the latest speculated timeframes for a Note 8 launch are mid-August, which is around the same time that the Note 7 was r... [Full Article...]

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