Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Surrogate Is Reportedly Already Pregnant

People Magazine, E! News and TMZ all reported on the story citing unidentified sources. Things are great between them. "They looked for a while before they found the flawless surrogate". The conditions also include rules against dying their hair, handling cat litter, eating raw fish, and they must only drink one caffeinated drink a day. [Full Article...]

Jury begins deliberations in Cosby trial

Jury begins deliberations in Cosby trial Cosby pleaded not guilty to three charges of aggravated indecent assault . It should be noted that the jury selected for this trial was chosen from a pool of potential jurors in Allegheny County near Pittsburgh, completely across the state from the county in which the case was tried. [Full Article...]

Democrats Play Blame Game With Pelosi After Georgia Election - To GOP's Glee

Democrats Play Blame Game With Pelosi After Georgia Election - To GOP's Glee Indeed the best news Democrats got Tuesday night was that a different special House race, in SC, ended up closer than the Georgia contest even though it had drawn little national attention. "And I'm not sure that that's there yet". "I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out". "We're not focusing on the economic messages". [Full Article...]

China talks focusing on North Korean threat

The U.S. state secretary also pointed out he hopes China will do its part to put an end to a "number of criminal enterprises" that enable North Korea to earn foreign currency. He could not speak or move voluntarily and his doctors said he suffered extensive brain damage. "No conclusions about the cause and manner of Mr. Warmbier's death have been drawn at this time as there are additional medica... [Full Article...]

Cosby prosecutor fights release of juror names - Western Mass News - WGGB/WSHM

Cosby prosecutor fights release of juror names - Western Mass News - WGGB/WSHM For Constand, the worst-case scenario is that she has spent a decade braving legal scrutiny as a victim for nothing. Cosby's team declared victory, however temporary. Addressing the allegations against Mr. Cosby stemming from other possible victims, his defense attorney said "None of these accusations have ever been vetted". [Full Article...]

Bill Cosby sex case jury to resume deliberations

Bill Cosby sex case jury to resume deliberations Q: Did you tell Andrea what they were? Jurors were also keenly focused on what Cosby said about the pills he gave to Constand before their encounter, asking for the second time in deliberations to revisit a portion of the deposition in which the comedian talked about giving Constand "three friends for you to make you relax". [Full Article...]

Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins Not Signed On Yet

Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins Not Signed On Yet Ruh-roh! THR goes on to explain that Warner Bros . executives chose to hold off on negotiating for Jenkins' return until the film's release, preferring to see how it performed with audiences and critics before making any firm decisions about the franchise's future . [Full Article...]

GOP eyes Senate health care vote next week, amid grumbling

Paul said he won't know how he will vote until the bill is released to legislators on Thursday, but he anticipates that McConnell won't have the votes and will have to renegotiate the legislation with members of his own party. Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said he wanted to read the bill and discuss it with constituents before he votes. "We have NO details on what Republicans are c... [Full Article...]

Robert Downey Jr. Shares New Set Pic From Avengers: Infinity War

Robert Downey Jr. Shares New Set Pic From Avengers: Infinity War They've witnessed Star Lord and the other Guardians save the galaxy twice. The hashtags point out odd and Tony Stark's similar facial hair, as well as the fact that both actors have played Sherlock Holmes; one on film and the other on BBC. [Full Article...]

Cosby's team attacks judge likely to retry him in sex case

For the last two weeks, the plaza outside the courthouse in this economically challenged county seat has been the staging area for media organizations from around the nation and Canada, and more than 100 journalists have been covering the trial and scores of members of the public, including some of the women who have accused Cosby of assaulting them, have attended. [Full Article...]

Governor John Bel Edwards declares state of emergency for entire state

Governor John Bel Edwards declares state of emergency for entire state The center of the storm is projected to make landfall sometime Thursday morning over southeastern Texas or southwestern Louisiana. Wednesday morning, Cindy's maximum sustained winds dropped from 60 miles per hour to about 50 miles per hour, and the storm is expected to continue weakening on Thursday, even though it will continue to pack a lot of moisture. [Full Article...]

Coal company sues HBO's John Oliver for defamation

Coal company sues HBO's John Oliver for defamation In the lawsuit filed Tuesday in West Virginia, Murray claims the show "executed a meticulously planned attempt to assassinate the character of and reputation of Mr. The plaintiffs claim that toward the end of the broadcast, Oliver confirmed that the defendants intentionally expanded their attack against Murray and the plaintiffs as retaliation for the plaintiffs' good faith efforts to ensure the a... [Full Article...]

Britax recalls 207000 child auto seats

Britax recalls 207000 child auto seats They were manufactured between November first 2015 and May 31 of this year. Britax said users remove the chest clip or monitor the center tab of the chest clip for signs of breakage. Britax says it will notify owners and provide a replacement chest clip marked "PC", free of charge. The NHTSA has received two complaints of the clips failing since the beginning of June. [Full Article...]

Authorities Release Dashcam Footage From the Philando Castile Shooting

The verdict set off a weekend full of protests from Castile supporters. After calling out the NRA's lack of response to the fatal shooting of legal gun owner Philando Castile on Monday's "The Daily Show ", host Trevor Noah continued to delve into Castile's death in a segment Tuesday night, adding a personal account of his interactions with police as a black man in the United States. [Full Article...]

Cosby prosecutor undeterred by mistrial, vows to try again

It was the only criminal case to arise from allegations from more than 60 women that cast Cosby - married more than 50 years - as a serial predator who gave drugs to women before violating them. Constand, who worked at Cosby's alma mater, Temple University, is ready to go to trial again. He also said he gave Constand three half-tablets of the cold and allergy medicine Benadryl before the "pett... [Full Article...]

'Dracula' series by team Sherlock

'Dracula' series by team Sherlock Moffat served as a writer and executive producer over six seasons of the BBC's Doctor Who before stepping down from the sci-fi series and handing the reigns to Chris Chibnall . If Moffat and Gatiss cast a well-known actor in the role of Dracula , it won't be the first time the role has been played by notable talent. Moffat is now writing the script for the new Jekyll film, while Ga... [Full Article...]

Bill Cosby jury begins Day 3 of deliberations

Trial began June 5, and the jury started their deliberations Monday night. " Cosby's team is trying to plant seeds of doubt about this trial with his fans so they don't abandon him". She claimed she passed out, but was "jolted awake" when she felt her body being violated. Andrea, who is now 44 years of age, gave her testimony last week saying that she was drugged by Bill and, then, penetrated... [Full Article...]

Cristiano Ronaldo to testify in tax fraud case July 31 - court

Ronaldo has been with Real Madrid for eight years now after moving from Manchester United on a record-breaking $132 million deal. I have not talked with Cristiano. Ronaldo was livid over being singled out for disproportionate treatment after the Spanish prosecutors accused him of defrauding the authorities of €14.7m (£12.8m). [Full Article...]

Remains of 7 sailors killed in US ship collision return home

Ron Flanders said, "That is not our understanding". "One thing that my son told me, that no matter what, he has my back", Carmen Sibayan said. He said the work by the sailors prevented a far worse situation. President Donald Trump sent a message of encouragement to the crew on Saturday morning. It is the unit that traditionally handles the remains of USA military personnel killed overseas. [Full Article...]

'No doubt' over Britain leaving EU: Brexit minister

'No doubt' over Britain leaving EU: Brexit minister May's gamble to call a general election three years before the Fixed Term Parliament Act would have required her to hold one backfired on June 8 when her party suffered heavy losses and lost its majority in the Commons . "It will mean we can work together to deliver a successful Brexit deal and a strong social legislative programme that delivers justice and opportunity to everyone". [Full Article...]

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