Whatever happens, a teacher walkout is a bad idea

Harley Stokes 96 with current teacher Chris Phillips 26 of Hampden St School

Braden Fastier Harley Stokes 96 with current teacher Chris Phillips 26 of Hampden St School

A spokesperson for the school district said the school did not initiate the police report and that they can not stop a teacher from filing one.

Ryan Fish, 23, is accused of encouraging Montville High School students to hit each other during a series of one-on-one brawls. The charges stemming from the high school fight club include four counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of risk of injury to a minor, as well as a charge for "breach of peace".

According to local news reports, Fish supervised fights between students in his classes, allowing them to slap and punch each other.

Fish was escorted by security to the principal's office in October 2017, where he told the principal that "boys will be boys" and that he grew up in the country where "boys do stuff like that", the police report said.

The Hartford Courant reported that police began their investigation in December.

Superintendent Brian Levesque tells The Day newspaper he didn't alert police after firing Fish because he knew of only one fight and thought it was an isolated incident. "I feel like it's a cop-out - we have let them win by showing them they can behave however they want, and we'll eventually get exhausted and go home".

The nearest police departments about 20 minutes away in Poplar Bluff and district officials said in case of an emergency they want to have someone on campus that can respond immediately.

"Unfortunately the time that most of discussion happens are when an event is happening, but this needs to be an ongoing conversation", Townsend said. "I will admit that I did at one point egg them on".

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"We have earmarked more than £20m for school-place planning for the coming year and are now undertaking feasibility studies with the aim of creating several hundred additional places by 2020-21". I just wasn't aware of what to do.

Prior to the walkout, the Legislature passed and Gov. Mary Fallin signed a massive tax hike package to pay for teacher pay raises averaging $6,100 and to put additional dollars in the classroom. "But no. Our teachers are going to continue to fight". "And so I want to avoid that", Fletcher said. "Having them there means everything to me", Fletcher said.

"I've been doing strength training and eating well and resting, but mostly I just run a whole lot more than most people would consider appropriate or normal", said Fletcher.

Brennan said it was always a hard choice "We'd love to be in the classroom" but teachers knew the walkout was a battle worth fighting. "Three, ' and then started the fight".

"I am so sorry".

"OEA didn't give us that leadership that we needed", she said.

March 10: State workers, represented by the Oklahoma Public Employee Association, vote to strike alongside teachers if they don't get raises. "I see the energy that teachers have and the desire to refocus that energy, so the focus will absolutely be on elections and getting true pro-education advocates into our government body".

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