The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Ending Explained: Rick vs. Negan

Morgan in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

AMCMorgan in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

He's learned that Simon wiped out entire population of the garbage people (except for Jadis) and soon enough he's going to learn that Simon lead the charge to Hilltop to kill everyone there under his name as well.

The episode wrapped up with new alliances formed and some shocking new battle lines drawn from within Rick's own ranks, something that should set up an interesting season when the show returns in the fall.

Eugene emerged as the unlikely hero in Rick's war with Negan in the Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead. It's the next best thing to watching The Walking Dead online free live streaming, which AMC doesn't offer at this time. It's still somewhat-strange that the character has been kept alive, and it really just seems to be a way in which for him to continue to abuse him every step of the way. It was revealed that Daryl was also in the meeting and in on the plan.

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While we still don't know which character will be crossing over along with Morgan, several media outlets are speculating the involvement of characters like Norman Reedus' Daryl, Corey Hawkins' Heath and Lauran Cohan's Maggie.

Let's just say that with one move, Eugene redeemed himself for a full season of terribleness. Because it was very late that Eugene made up his mind on this thing. Like, he could kill Negan. Negan didn't die, though, and Rick told Siddiq to save him - much to the chagrin of Maggie, who had to be held back by Michonne.

The future wasn't looking too bright for old Dwight for most of his time on screen. There was a real change at peace between all of the communities for a change, which is certainly exciting - yet, also something that is probably an ideal that can never completely come to pass.

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Daryl drove Dwight into the woods where a contrite Dwight prepared to be executed, but instead Daryl gave him the keys to the pickup truck and banished him, promising to kill him if he ever came back. Except when Rick et al got to that spot expecting to ambush Negan they heard his familiar whistle seemingly coming from all sides. There will also be time jumps to explore her story.

Maggie, however, wasn't on board with sparing Negan, telling Jesus that Rick and Michonne were wrong. But by the end of the season 4 premiere, we see that all but Daniel are together again, and we're spared the trudging story of when and how they'll find each other. After only one episode, John seems like he'll easily become a new fan favorite. As for whether or not this new world is something that sticks, that's what we are waiting to see next season.

Warning! MAJOR SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 8 finale ahead!

The show also introduced a new character that doesn't have a flawless match in the comics. With both men on their feet and one of them holding a baseball bat, Rick made a plea: Give me 10 seconds to explain how this all can end peacefully.

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