The Football Manager Nintendo Switch version is out now

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller review For when a Joy Con just won’t do By Gerald Lynch

"We can confirm that Minecraft players on Nintendo Switch will be able to earn achievements and Gamerscore tied to Xbox Live when the Bedrock update is released", Microsoft explained. This gives fans a unique Football Manager experience that can be played on the move or docked at home and enjoyed on the big screen. Also, the game has a singleplayer mode that is debuting on the Switch version.

In 2017, talking to Giantbomb, Phil Spencer said on the matter that he didn't know whether the achievements would be coming to Nintendo Switch, so that's quite a surprise right away.

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Thanks to the game's user interface and customized controls which have been developed especially for the Switch, players have the choice of using either the Switch's touchscreen or the Joy-Cons to control the game. You play as a Viking warrior named Thora, who died an inglorious death, and now must prove her worth to the Gods to enter Valhalla and must prove herself to the Gods to enter Valhalla.

Specifically, that's Football Manager Touch 2018, which is a Nintendo Switch port of the tablet version of the game, but still! With a short five hour-ish runtime it's a nice way to spend an afternoon - and so far since 2015 its arrived on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U platforms. The title retails at $14.99 Dollars on all platforms.

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