Russian Federation slams joint airstrikes in Syria

          Russia blames UK for Syria chemical attack that killed dozens many of them children        Russia blames UK for Syria chemical attack

NATION-NOW Russia blames UK for Syria chemical attack that killed dozens many of them children Russia blames UK for Syria chemical attack

Russia's Ministry of Defense says the airstrikes, which began overnight around 2am Irish time, were not in retaliation to the alleged chemical attack in Douma, which killed at least 12 people, including children.

That's despite the World Health Organisation stating an estimated 500 people presented at medical facilities with the effects of chemical weapons in the area, according to local agencies.

The military attack was ordered in coordination with France and the United Kingdom, in response to what the US believes was a chemical attack by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad last week.

Lavrov warned against USA military "adventures" in the country, but signaled that Russian Federation remains open for negotiations.

Moscow hardly needed a heads up that military action was coming.

During a phone call late on Thursday, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump agreed on the need to deter chemical weapon use in Syria.

Zakharova suggested that Western media bore some responsibility for the strikes, claiming the White House cited "multiple media sources" on the suspected chemical weapons attack in Douma.

Russia's denial that the Assad government was responsible for the chemical weapons attack, further angered Trump, one of the USA officials said.

Russian Federation has described the reports of a chemical attack as a "provocation" created to justify Western intervention.

USA recklessness in Syria
The allies reportedly had conclusive evidence that Syria used chemical weapons on its own people. "We did not coordinate targets". The assault came despite the lack of a definitive independent finding that chemical weapons were used or who had deployed them.

Russia's UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia insisted that there was "no credible confirmation of toxic substance use in Douma", adding that "we have information to believe that what took place is a provocation with the participation of certain countries' intelligence services".

The council failed on Tuesday to approve three draft resolutions on chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

He noted that the Russian and United States militaries have a hotline to prevent incidents, adding that it's not clear if it would be sufficient amid mounting tensions.

The accusation has been strongly denied by the Bashar al-Assad government in Damascus.

On the ground in Syria, rebels in Eastern Ghouta surrendered their heavy weapons and their leader left the enclave, signalling the end of one of the bloodiest assaults of the seven-year war and a major win for the Assad regime. Both the Syrian and Russian governments have said they would support the study.

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said the strikes were a "one-time shot" and that no additional airstrikes were now planned.

"The targets tonight again were specifically designed to degrade the Syrian war machine's ability to create chemical weapons and to set that back", Mattis said.

"The capital of a sovereign government, trying for years to survive under terrorist aggression, has been attacked".

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