Russian Federation claims Syira chemical attack was staged by United Kingdom

Russia claims Syira chemical attack was staged by United Kingdom

US says it has proof Syria government was behind gas attack

Russian Federation may have visited the site of an alleged poison gas attack in the Syrian town of Douma and "tampered with" evidence, the U.S. ambassador to the global chemical arms watchdog said Monday.

"Not one of the cruise missiles released by the U.S. and its allies entered the zone of responsibility of Russian air defences protecting facilities in Tartus and Hmeimim", the ministry said in a statement carried by the RIA Novosti state news agency, referring to the locations of Russia's naval and air bases.

Britain, France and the United States all say Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces were responsible for using chemical weapons in Douma, which Syria and Russian Federation deny.

The proposed sanctions follow US -led airstrikes against Syria's chemical weapons capability and President Trump's promise that Assad and his allies, namely Moscow, would pay a "big price" for enabling the use of chemical weapons.

Preparations to punish Russian Federation anew for its support of Syrian President Bashar Assad's government over the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria caused consternation at the White House.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergei Ryabkov has said that Moscow will not delay its response to new U.S. sanctions, according to Russian state news agency RIA.

Inspectors from the global chemical weapons watchdog met Syrian officials in Damascus on Monday but have so far been denied access to the former rebel stronghold where the alleged use of toxic substances provoked a US-led strike.

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She listed three goals for the U.S.: ensuring that chemical weapons are not used in any way that pose a risk to American interests, that the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group is defeated and that there is a good vantage point to watch what Iran is doing. It also said Russian officers found no patients with chemical attack symptoms at a local hospital, and no indication of any burials having taken place of the victims.

She told parliament the decision to conduct air strikes against Syria was in the British national interest and not as a result of pressure from Trump. Videos broadcast by Russian and Syrian media last week showed Russian troops visiting the building where the footage was filmed, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters that they had found no evidence of a chemical attack there. "We can not allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalised - either within Syria, on the streets of the United Kingdom or elsewhere".

Russian Federation asked the Security Council to condemn the "aggression" against Syria from military strikes conducted by the United States, Britain and France, also permanent members of the Security Council.

The attack also hit a site in Masyaf, about 170 km (100 miles) north of Damascus, army depots in the eastern Qalamoun region northeast of the capital, the Kisweh area south of Damascus, and a site in the Qasyoun hills overlooking the capital.

The organization, which needs a two-thirds majority to make decisions, has been undermined by deep political division over the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government.

Haley said the measures would target companies that supplied Damascus with equipment and other material related to chemical weapons, which killed more than 40 people in Douma on April 7 and prompted US-led air strikes.

"We of course know that our work in Syria is not done", she said.

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