Plugging The Holes! Apple Employees Arrested For Leaking Documents

Corey Protin Not being able to hide the default iPhone apps is a real annoyance to Apple users

Corey Protin Not being able to hide the default iPhone apps is a real annoyance to Apple users

The Cupertino giant has a long history of trying to ensure that information about its products and strategy doesn't don't go out. The tech titan outlined various instances wherein information was leaked to the media, including last month's firing of an employee responsible for leaking details from a confidential meeting about Apple's software roadmap. Ironically enough, the memo on leaks leaked and now everyone can read it.

It warns employees that leakers are eventually traced and will be in future too. Although leaks do rob Apple of the opportunity for big reveals and cut into sales of older products due for replacement, Apple does benefit from the non-stop drumbeat of rumors and speculation fueled by the leaks. "But people who leak - whether they're Apple employees, contractors or suppliers - do get caught and they're getting caught faster than ever", says the memo. The memo acts as a warning to employees about the dangers of leaking information and how it can negatively affect their experience in the tech industry.

"These people not only lose their jobs, they can face extreme difficulty finding employment elsewhere", Apple cautioned. Apple claims that it apprehended 29 leakers in 2017. "12 of those were arrested", said the memo as published on Bloomberg. But leaks can also happen when employees feel that the company is being overly and unnecessarily secretive. "In many cases, leakers don't set out to leak".

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Apple product marketing executive Greg Joswiak told workers that the company's goal is to convince customers that the new products are great. The success of these outsiders is measured by obtaining Apple's secrets from you and making them public. The beta is for the fourth generation of the Apple TV, as well as the 4K version. The memo also mentions how several employees were caught a year ago feeding information to some people in media.

As part of the investigation, Motherboard found that regional police forces, such as the Maryland State Police, the Indiana State Police, and the Miami-Dade County Police have procured GrayKey, which can unlock devices running Apple's latest mobile operating system iOS 11, including the iPhone X, Apple's most recent phone.

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