PlayStation 5 Isn't Actually Coming Before 2020

Are Sony preparing to dump the PS Vita

SONYAre Sony preparing to dump the PS Vita

However, one of these insiders did note that Sony's plans are always subject to change. As per some online reports, the Japanese technology giant Sony may announce the next generation Playstation 5 this year.

Two unnamed developers that Kotaku spoke with said they had knowledge of Sony's plans for a new system, and both said the system isn't likely to come out until 2019 at the earliest.

Lately, there has been a lot of chatter about the PlayStation 5 release date. Considering the time gap between each release, it seems likely there will be no sign of a PS5 before the end of 2019. The original report does not mention backward compatibility between PS4 and PS5.

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Another rumour making the rounds is that a large number of dev kits had already been distributed to studios. It would be nearly suicidal of Sony to steal the spotlight out of PlayStation 4 right when it's more profitable and some of the best games are just coming out. The publication added that the console would launch in 2018. Kotaku states that it's entirely possible that some kind of kit capable of developing console games that can't be run on the PlayStation 4 have been sent out, but that is not a great metric of how close we are to the release of the PlayStation 5. However, for the PlayStation 5 to launch this fall, it should already have entered mass production.

One source told Kotaku that SemiAccurate's statement was confusing. After all, those early kits are often generic pieces of hardware that aren't specifically tied to the final design of a next-gen console. As such, even if there are any such devkits they may be well disguised. The PlayStation 5 release date is unlikely before 2020, so the PS4 owners do not have to worry about upgrading just yet.

Because of this, the report argues that the PS5 could be released in 2018. "In fact, from what we've heard, the next PlayStation is a ways away-it may not arrive until 2020", the website claims, which is more in line with other predictions from the industry. To be precise, he says there is 75% probability it would launch in 2020 and 25% probability of a PlayStation 5 release date in 2019.

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