Pence: US prepared to respond to possible retaliation by Syria

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence waves as he arrives at Jorge Chavez international airport in Lima Peru Friday

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The vice president attended the Summit of the Americas after Trump earlier this week canceled plans to attend the event so he could craft a response to the chemical attack, for which USA officials say there's proof of Assad's involvement.

Vice President Mike Pence had a simple message for Russia Saturday, after overnight airstrikes in Syria that Russia condemned.

"The objective of the mission the commander in chief gave our military forces and our allies was completely accomplished - with swift professionalism", Pence told reporters, noting there were "no reported civilian casualties".

- Pence defended the president while building support among USA allies for the joint strikes with Britain and France.

There "will be a price to pay" if Syria ever uses chemical weapons again, as the United States is ready to take additional action, Pence told reporters travelling with him to Peru to attend the Summit of the Americas.

"We believe that it has significantly eroded and crippled the ability of the regime to produce chemicals", Pence further claimed despite the fact that the previous U.S. administration was heavily involved in the process of Syria's dismantling of its entire chemical weapons arsenal back in 2014 in the presence of worldwide inspectors.

Earlier in the day, Pentagon officials suggested they had proof that the Assad regime was behind the attack, but said they couldn't elaborate on the information because it was classified.

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Pence said the "prepared to continue this effort until we are assured that chemical weapons will never be used again against innocent civilians in Syria".

"Our concept into Russian is, 'You're on the wrong side of record, ' & " Pence stated.

Pence also said, "It's time for Russian Federation to get the message President Trump delivered last night. You're known by the company you keep".

"I'll leave this summit very optimistic that individuals are extremely close to a re-negotiated NAFTA which is going to be much better deal for the American men and women", the Vicepresident stated, referring into the North American Free Trade Agreement involving the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

The meeting comes amid tensions between Trump and Mexico over immigration and the president's calls for a border wall.

Pence claimed Trump's telephone for Mexico to cover for your USA -built wall "didn't not come up" in meetings. Both Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto have argued against scrapping the $1.2 trillion deal.

Later, speaking in a cavernous hall of world leaders at the Summit of the Americas, Pence expressed gratitude to Canada, Colombia and other nations that had voiced support for the strike and urged "every nation in this hemisphere of freedom" to support the military action.

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