Netanyahu voices support for attack in Syria

Israel: Iran drone intercepted in Feb was Strike Assignment

US strikes on Syria 'justified', says Israeli official

Iranian officials have made calls to Syrian leaders in the wake of the US -led airstrikes against Syrian targets.

"A year ago, I declared Israel's full support for @POTUS Trump's decision to take a stand against the use and spread of chemical weapons", he said.

"Trump's resolve and Israel's support remain unchanged", Netanyahu said.

The three countries had carried out a wave of pre-dawn missile strikes, hitting targets near Damascus and in Homs province, Western officials said.

Netanyahu warned that the Syrian government is endangering itself by giving Iran and its proxies a "forward base".

Israel has sought to avoid direct involvement in Syria's civil war, but acknowledges carrying out dozens of air strikes there to stop what it says are advanced arms deliveries to Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, another of its enemies.

Nevertheless, the strikes were created to set back Syria's chemical weapons program "for years", according to a senior Pentagon official, Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie.

A spokesperson for the US embassy confirmed that Israel was informed of the action ahead of time.

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Syrian President Bashar Assad has denied that his troops used chemical weapons and threatened to "crush terrorism" throughout his country.

In the early hours of Saturday, the US, Britain and France launched a barrage of missile attacks against Syria in response to what they claim to have been a chemical attack by the Syrian government in the town of Douma in the suburb of Damascus on April 7.

Trump later tweeted: "A perfectly executed strike last night".

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the strikes were a "one-time shot" and that there was no additional action planned for the immediate future.

The U.S., France and Britain launched airstrikes against Syria's capital Damascus before daybreak on Saturday, with loud explosions heard and red dots seen flying into the sky, according to Syrian state TV and Xinhua reporters in Damascus.

"Could not have had a better result".

The Israeli army said on Friday that an Iranian drone that infiltrated into Israeli airspace in February, leading to an Israeli retaliatory raid, was loaded with explosives and on an attack mission.

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