Hotel Artemis Trailer - Jodie Foster runs an ER for criminals

Hotel Artemis

Trailer: Hotel Artemis – Starring Jodie Foster

Hotel Artemis looks like an entertaining twist on John Wick's hotel for assassins.

Alongside Brown, Golblum, Henry, and Foster, the film also stars Sofia Boutella, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Day, and Dave Bautista.

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Here's the synopsis: 'Jean Thomas, aka THE NURSE (Jodie Foster) is the manager of the Hotel Artemis, an ultra-exclusive, members-only hospital hidden in a hotel redolent of faded '20s glamour.

Iron Man 3 co-writer Drew Pearce makes his directorial debut with the stylish, star-studded action thriller Hotel Artemis Written and directed by Pearce, the film revolves around a secret hospital in near-future Los Angeles that caters to the criminal element. Watch the full trailer above. Pearce also had a hand in writing the perennially delayed Sherlock Holmes 3 for Robert Downey Jr. and a now cancelled Ghostbusters spinoff that would have starred Channing Tatum, potentially opposite Chris Pratt. We expect to see plenty of comparisons to John Wick, but aside from the similar premise of the hotel/hospital for criminals, Hotel Artemis is clearly different in tone. The film's characters seem equally offbeat, including Goldblum as a very Goldblum-y villain called The Wolf King and Bautista as Everest, a "health care professional" who's happy to beat the snot out of any disrespectful guests at the eponymous hospital. Such is the tagline for the new Jodie Foster thriller, and now you can check out the Hotel Artemis trailer here.

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