'Gal ni kadni' singer Parmish Verma shot at in Mohali

Parmish Verma came to fame after his song ‘Gaal Nahin Kadhnai

Parmish Verma came to fame after his song ‘Gaal Nahin Kadhnai

Gaal Ni Kadni singer Parmish Verma was shot by an unidentified man on Saturday morning in Mohali, Punjab. The singer who has been hospitalised immediately following the shooting is reportedly out of danger. There are conflicting reports about the precise sequence of events of the shooting. It stopped in front of his auto near Sector 74 of Mohali and fired shots at him. He was reportedly heading home.

He posted, "Mein dilpreet singh dhahan sariya nu dasna chaunda k ajj parmish verma de goliya bazian apa mariya.(I, Dilpreet Singh Dhahan, want to tell everyone that I am behind the shooting of Parmish Verma)", the post claims.

As per reports, gangster Dilpreet Singh Dhahar is claiming to be behind the shooting that took place on Saturday morning while the popular Punjabi singer Parmish Verma was returning home. The gangster said in the post that he had "warned" the singer, saying that their "face to face" meeting had cost him.

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Dhahan shared two images in the Facebook status, with one image showing the gangster posing with a pistol and the other of thesinger, marked with a red cross, a sign that the gangster had "eliminated" his target. The gangster also said that Verma was "lucky to be alive". Sources also said that another gang, Sampat Nehra group, had also claimed responsibility for the attack and that as per initial investigations, their claim appeared to be stronger than Dhahan's.

A case has been registered in this regard, the police investigation is underway.

Dhahan is the main accused in the murder of a sarpanch from Hoshiarpur's Khurd village who was killed outside a gurdwara in Chandigarh previous year. His smash hit "Gaal ni kadni" was released previous year and had been viewed over 118 million times on YouTube.

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