Fortnite Is Down, Normal Service Will Resume In A Few Hours

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Once you have done it all, hold on, as long as you can because either way, you have got yourself 5 Battle Points.

It seems, however, that in a report via PCGamesN, a major issue with the game's servers has the game now down and it's looking like a solution will be found quickly either. However, when you read the rest of the Reddit post, it certainly sounds serious.

We had a critical failure to one of the databases supporting our account service, and as a result our login and matchmaking systems were blocked. Many of those players would have been surprised to find out that they couldn't log into the game and couldn't get past the start screen.

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The news comes as Epic attempts to make amends for recent server outages. The game is preventing a lot of people from logging in, acting like they're entering the wrong username and/or password. However, this time the mode has been rebranded as "50 v 50 v2", and will offer a faster loot collection time along with more weapon spawns. We've seen that story before and that language suggests it was security related, with server maintenance typically scheduled to minimise impact to users. Our team has been working through the night on fixes in order to bring the game fully back up.

The outage has been acknowledged by Epic Games, the game's developer, but it said that it now didn't have a timeframe for when the game would be back up.

Epic Games is saying that the reason it made a decision to shutdown the servers is because it needed to perform "emergency maintenance". The next update was earlier this morning when the company said the Fortnite server is down again. Checking the Fortnite status page on Epic's website suggests that the developer is in the process of installing major upgrades to its database systems for the game.

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