FBI Seized Recordings Between Michael Cohen And Stormy Daniels' Former Lawyer

Stormy Daniels lawyer joins fight over Donald Trump lawyer's files

Lawyers for Trump's Personal Attorney Set for Friday Court Appearance

The Friday motion said that because of that overlap, "Mr Cohen's Fifth Amendment rights may be adversely impacted if this case proceeds", a reference to the possibility that his testimony could be used by prosecutors to build a related criminal case against him. But it is hard to extract Cohen from his work for Trump.

In rsquo Friday &;therefore submitting, prosecutors accused Cohen's attorneys of creating the & ldquo; rdquo & unprecedented; assert that they ought to settle on which records are privileged, or make the decision to a venture. Trump called Cohen this morning, before the court hearing.

"The attorney-client privilege could't at an identical time be utilised like a sword (and) like a shield", McKay advised Wood.

The raids were conducted after federal prosecutors in Manhattan obtained a search warrant based, in part, on a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller, who is conducting the federal probe into ties between Trump campaign associates and Russian Federation.

But when the judge demanded that Cohen's lawyers provide some proof that Cohen has any other clients beyond the commander in chief, they twice came back empty-handed.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported the Federal Bureau of Investigation may also have seized recordings that Cohen made of his conversations. "Furthermore, public interest is best served by ensuring this action does not interfere with the criminal investigation".

United States says has 'proof' Syria's Assad used chemical weapon in Douma
He added the the US and it's allies are prepared for "sustained" response until Syrian government stops use of chemical weapons. More broadly, he doubted the wisdom of bombing. "I'm not going to say which day we absolutely knew that there was proof".

Whatever the judge decided, Hendon said, would have to "withstand scrutiny for all time".

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said she spoke by telephone with Broidy, and "he tendered his resignation".

She added that she was anxious about the "appearance of fairness", given the stakes. "He is the president of the United States", she emphasized at one point.

Prosecutor Thomas McKay, who agreed to do nothing with the seized materials until Monday's hearing, told Wood that Trump should get no special privileges. When he introduced himself to the judge in order to ask to be heard, Wood seemed to indicate that she was already aware of his identity. The president's lawyers have said they want to review the documents that were confiscated. Avenatti said he thinks that some of the documents obtained from the Cohen search relate to his client. Justice Department regulations require prosecutors to have a "taint team" not involved in the underlying investigation to sift through seized materials and make sure prosecutors don't see things that aren't relevant or are protected by lawyer-client privilege.

Cohen is being investigated for possible bank fraud, wire fraud and violations of campaign laws, according to people familiar with the matter.

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