Damning gender pay gap figures reveal the true extent of workplace inequality

Utah now has America’s biggest gender wage gap — women earn 70 cents on the dollar compared to men

Here's why you can't 'explain away' the gender wage gap in Louisiana, US, report says

As discussed on Music Business Worldwide, the average shared between the major labels sits at 33.8 per cent. Our mean pay gap is 12.1%, and we are committed to both dealing equitably with all our employees and to continuing to encourage female participation at all levels, especially senior management.

The findings should surprise no one: men are paid more than women, by a lot, at many, many companies - and science organizations are some of the worst culprits. After the child's first year of life, the gap continued to grow for the next five years, but at a much slower rate, then tapered off and even began to fall once the child reaches school-age.

Organisations with more than 250 employees are obliged by law to publish information on their gender pay gap.

For instance, while women make up 45 percent of the academic workforce, less than a quarter of all professors are women.

The Economist Group, which has the highest median gender pay gap in United Kingdom media at 29.5 per cent and fourth highest mean gap at 32.5 per cent, also declined to comment beyond the statement in its report. "We ask the administration to immediately stop blocking the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from implementing an equal pay initiative aimed at identifying and helping root out pay discrimination".

Many reports have suggested that the gender wage gap has gotten slightly better to women making about 80 cents to a man's dollar, but this research is highly misleading.

Planning has taken a look at the pay gap figures for the consultancies with the biggest planning teams, according to our annual consultancy survey (see table, below).

Why are women earning less?

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Barton Willmore's finance director, Simon Carter, said the firm's professional services division, which excludes its administrative staff and comprises about 65 per cent planners, has a lower gender pay gap of 11.5 per cent compared to the company-wide figure. Hispanic/Latina women make 54 cents to a white man's dollar, or 63 cents in New Hampshire. There are countless explanations for why men are paid more on average but for many people, the buck stops at gender: women are paid less because they are women.

Speaking at Royal Bank's annual general meeting recently, days after the submission deadline in the United Kingdom, chief executive Dave McKay told reporters that the discrepancy is largely due to the challenge of getting more women in senior roles and positions in capital markets, wealth management and brokers where compensation is greatest.

Since 2012 its female workforce increased 30 cent resulting in 42 per cent are now women. If you want more like this, head over to Science As Fact. "Women are often overrepresented in low-paid and low-skilled jobs, whereas men are likely to make up the bulk of workers in senior and high-paid roles".

Gender equality organisation Fawcett Society outlined some of the key reasons that pay discrepancies exist.

The Telegraph's pay gap pledge comes as... "The wage gap can not be explained by women's choices".

Press Gazette understands that at The Telegraph, two town hall-style meetings have already been held for staff to question senior editorial figures over issues that have arisen with publication of the gender pay gap. Motherhood incurs a pay penalty.

The statement claimed that across three-quarters of the United Kingdom business, there is "no evidence of an appreciable gender pay gap", with the publisher attributing the gap to the senior leadership team, many of whom are "long standing" at the company.

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