Apple slashes HomePod orders as sales 'tank'

No Echo here: Apple reportedly cut orders for its HomePod smart speaker last month

Apple cuts orders of HomePod on weak demand

Dilger added: "notably, Bloomberg has consistently been wrong in its portrayal of the future of the tech industry, from its cheerleading of Chromebooks that the enterprise soundly rejected, to bashing Apple Watch sales to its current assault on HomePod".

According to Bloomberg, the £319 device hasn't been as popular as the tech giant had expected, despite grabbing a third of the smart speaker market when pre-orders opened at the end of January.

APPLE'S HOMEPOD isn't selling as well as the company had hoped, forcing it to lower sales forecasts and cut orders with suppliers. Only said enthusiasm evaporated nearly instantaneously, as potential customers learned the non-audio-playing capabilities of the $349 gadget were somewhat limited compared to significantly cheaper Echos and Google Homes. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the report claims that inventory in retail locations is "piling up", with some Apple stores said to be selling "fewer than 10 HomePods a day".

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After an okay start, Apple's HomePod isn't winning over enough shoppers. After debuting to mediocre reviews, the smart speaker's proclivities for damaging wood and stumbling on Siri requests became obvious, compelling Apple to work on fixes that are still in progress. It's worth noting that Apple, in the weeks and months preceding the HomePod release, made a point of noting that its main objective with the device was to release a smart speaker with unrivaled acoustic performance.

It's still too early to label the HomePod a total flop. According to the report, Apple is "now working to rectify [that issue] with a new material", though it's unclear whether the company will fix existing units or just quietly introduce the improvement into later production runs. Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster expects sales of 7 million units this year and 11 million next year; although, that's significantly less than his expectations for Amazon and Google.

This isn't the first time Apple has struggled to get a hot seller for a new product category. Yet Siri's inability to rival Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant in practicality, including answering questions or ordering food, has placed HomePod at a competitive disadvantage relative to less expensive smart speakers.

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