"Amid Yankees-Red Sox Chaos, " a Moment of All Base-Running Chivalry

Billie Weiss  Boston Red Sox  Getty Images

Billie Weiss Boston Red Sox Getty Images

A disputed "dirty slide" from Austin that saw his left foot rise a little too high for Red Sox shortstop Brock Holt's liking would cause enough of an uproar to clear the benches.

Two pitches later, Kelly drilled Austin in the back, sparking a bench-clearing brawl.

After turning back the clock on one of sports' great rivalries, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox will decide their first three-game series of the season at Fenway Park on Thursday night.

The Yankees and Red Sox play their series finale Thursday night, and Yankees manager Aaron Boone believes the theatrics will be behind everyone.

It was second incident in the game, ESPN reports, as the "bad blood" returned to "baseball's most intense rivalry". The 6-foot-2, 220-pound Austin slammed his bat down and charged at slender Kelly, while Kelly smiled and appeared to mouth the words "Come on!" toward Austin.

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The brawl in Boston was the second big fight of the day in baseball. After a wild winter that saw the reigning National League MVP, Giancarlo Stanton traded to NY, the "Evil Empire" was officially back on the map.

Thurman Munson collided with catcher Carlton Fisk in 1973 after Gene Michael missed a bunt attempt.

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees brought some snarl back to their storied rivalry this week, and it's a welcome change from the past few years of genteel, gentlemanly back and forth. Mitch Moreland will likely fill in at first base in his potential absence. He said postgame he lost feeling in his fingertips, struggling to grip the ball, and said his hand "never thawed out".

Aroldis Chapman gave up two hits and a run on a wild pitch in the ninth, but got three outs to end the game.

Gray, 1-0 with a 3.60 ERA this season, is just 5-8, including the postseason, as a Yankee. The Sox bullpen would once again falter allowing six more runs through the final eight innings.

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