Amazon lowers price for video doorbell after completing Ring acquisition

Amazon Completes Ring Acquisition, Slashes Price On First-Gen Video Doorbell To $100

Ring video doorbell is now cheaper, thanks to Amazon

The two companies will work together to accelerate Ring's mission to reduce crime in neighborhoods with affordable, effective home security products and services, so more customers can see, hear, and speak to people on their property from anywhere.

Ring's other video doorbells, including the Video Doorbell 2, don't have price cuts in the U.S., however the newer doorbell is £10 cheaper on Amazon UK right now.

Amazon is quick to note in its press material that the Ring name is sticking around - for the time being, at least. "Together with Amazon, we will accelerate our mission dramatically by connecting more neighbors globally and making our security devices and systems more affordable and accessible".

Amazon marked the close of the deal by slashing the price of Ring's original video doorbell from £159 to £89, a move that it is expected to be the first of many across Ring's product line. It purchased Blink, a smart home company in December.

However, if 1080p HD and a removable battery are worth spending more than a hundred bucks for a smart doorbell, then the Video Doorbell 2 is just the thing.

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It is also not reducing the price of its second generation Ring doorbell, which offers a higher resolution camera and which is priced at $199 (£140).

Siminoff said Amazon's scale will enable a price change that will enhance the accessibility of Ring's products and bring them to a wider demographic, but that it would be business as usual for existing Ring customers for the foreseeable future.

"We're excited about their work, their products and their mission, and look forward to teaming together to keep delighting customers".

For example Nest's smart doorbell is $229 (£210). There's also the Video Doorbell Elite, but it'll set users back by $499.99.

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