A new BioShock is now under development

New Bioshock game

Next BioShock game currently in development at “top-secret” 2K Games studio

The remaining team members of Hangar 13 were kept in the dark on what the project entailed, until word slipped out it was a new BioShock title. The original article is a research piece exploring how Mafia III developer Hangar 13 has been evolving for the past 18 months, with many major people in the company, including the art director and major game designers, being laid-off in February.

"If anyone from Hangar 13 tried to strike up a conversation with them, they'd say, 'Oh, we can't really talk about it, '" a source close to the studio told Kotaku. Kotaku news editor Jason Schreier revealed on his Twitter account this week that a "top-secret" studio is working on a new BioShock Video game.

But, back to BioShock - what would you like out of a potential new entry? "It was all very tight-lipped". Different iterations of the engine have been used for every BioShock game released so far, whether it be from the now rebranded Irrational Games or 2K Marin.

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The compilation set for the game series is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC and MacOS. "They're trying to be really smart about figuring out what the core thing is", one person involved with the project said.

2K has not officially announced this project, but Take-Two interactive has let fans know that Bioshock is a "permanent franchise". Not that it's surprising that 2K would return to one of its most visible and valuable series, of course, and it has been five years since BioShock Infinite came out.

Among other details I learned while reporting this story: Right next to Hangar 13, a top-secret 2K studio is now working on a top-secret new BioShock game.
There's a high probability this title is Borderlands 3, but BioShock also fits the bill.

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