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As per findings by WABetaInfo in a report, it now appears that WhatsApp has silently gone on to implement a "Block revoke request" feature in order to stop users from exploiting the "Delete for Everyone" feature through modded versions of the app. At the time of the launch, it was mentioned that users only had seven minutes to revoke the sent message.

That's according to some code digging by WABetaInfo, based on the latest beta version of the app for iOS.

WhatsApp has quietly changed the way its message deletion feature works. Messages that have a time more than the 24 hours are no more deleted.

Earlier, when a recipient received this particular message containing the revoke request, WhatsApp checked if the ID of the message was present in the database and if the original message was found, it directly deleted it without checking any other important information.

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WhatsApp has chose to stick to 24 hours as the reference time period here to ensure that there is ample time for the recipient or recipients in case of a group chat, to receive the revoke request.

Business Report earlier this month reported that there is a way to read messages on WhatsApp without the sender knowing.

The report states that the chat app has decided on 24 hours as time frame to ensure that the recipient receives the revoke request. In new versions of the app, the messaging service will limit the revoke request to 24 hours, and also check the date of the message along with the ID before applying "Delete for everyone". It has also been pointed out that if someone replies to a message in a group, and the same is later deleted for everyone, the message continues to show on the group.

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