Watch This - Planet Alpha is a Gorgeous New Side-Scrolling Platform Adventure

Gorgeous platformer Planet Alpha partners with Team17

Survive A Dangerous Alien World In Planet Alpha On Nintendo Switch

What will you discover?

Lazar has been working away at the project since 2013 and as the game is nearing a release, has partnered with Team17 to bring Planet Alpha to gamers this year.

Planet Alpha, a handsome alien world filled with mystery and danger.

But is the world as "tranquil and serene" as it seems, or is there something more sinister at work beneath the surface?

Gorgeous platformer Planet Alpha partners with Team17
Team17 to publish sci-fi platformer Planet Alpha

Planet Alpha, in development by Planet Alpha ApS, a small team based in Denmark founded by Adrian Lazar, former IO developer, combines fast platforming, stealth, and creative puzzles. Adrian Lazar has previously worked at IO Interactive and has contributed to Hitman (2017), Hitman: Absolution as well as Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. This is the first time we've seen a game where you have the ability to alter gravity by controlling an entire planet. Developing the game for over 4 years has been a roller coaster, so when we looked for a publisher we were very selective.

Team17 CEO Debbie Bestwick adds: "At their best video games can take us to different worlds on unbelievable journeys". Bestwick's understanding of the game is nearly as passionate as Lazar's as she states that Planet Alpha has the kind of world that she certainly wanted to spend time in.

What do you think of Planet Alpha so far? It's coming out for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC some time in 2018. "An unexplored alien planet is the ideal canvas for this so we let our imagination flow".

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