Watch as bystanders try to thwart hit-and-run driver

Hit-and-run driver tried to get away — then a man took out a sledge hammer, video shows | Miami Herald

Watch: Driver Flees Car Crash Despite Sledgehammer Being Swung At Him

Police later identified the man as Maxwell Lagutenko, 25. Although the crash involved several vehicles, no injuries were reported, Miami police said.

MOBILE phone footage captured an alarming scene in the immediate aftermath of a hit-and-run in Miami, Florida, as a man approaches the offending silver Infinity SUV and smashes all of its windows, one-by-one.

The aftermath of the crash saw the driver of a badly damaged silver Infiniti SUV reverse the vehicle out of the scene of the crash, as the driver tried to hit-and-run.

The clip ends with the SUV driving off, being pursued by some of the other cars that were at the scene.

With the guy swinging away and breaking Lagutenko's windows, the hit-and-run driver eventually weaved his way through traffic and got away. In cellphone video that began after those crashes, we can see Lagutenko attempt to leave the scene.

One man tries to open the passenger-side door of the auto, but breaks off the handle.

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"That is insane. You have a crash, you stop", witness Anthony Jimenez told WPLG-TV. The police said the man was found and taken into custody. "You know, you have a crash, you stop".

As he crossed Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 36th Street, he crashed into two more vehicles.

"I'll call the cops and I'll try to chase him down", he said.

The arrest report said Lagutenko seemed to be under the influence of drugs.

Police also used the incident - in regards to the person taking a hammer to the vehicle - not to take the law into their own hands.

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