Trump campaigns for himself, and also for a congressional candidate

The Memo Moment of truth for Trump in Pennsylvania

House race in Penn. seen as key test ahead of midterm elections

Republicans privately agree, even as they look to pin the blame mostly on Saccone and downplay what it would mean to lose a deep red, culturally conservative district after a brutal loss in an Alabama Senate race late a year ago, a beat-down in Virginia's gubernatorial race, dozens of losses of state legislative seats and a number of close calls in House special elections.

Thomas also said that Trump's presence in Western Pennsylvania over the weekend made her "much less inclined" to back Saccone.

"The Democrats have nominated the ideal candidate, because he fits the profile of the electorate".

"I think it would have been the seventh most expensive House race in 2016 - and there is more money to come in", said Sarah Bryner, research director at the Center for Responsive Politics.

If Lamb, left, wins over Saccone, right, his campaign could serve as a "template" for how the Democrats can win back the House of Representatives in November, political analysts say.

But the dynamics have changed in the district, which runs from wealthy suburbs south of Pittsburgh through hardscrabble steel and coal mining towns to farmlands along the West Virginia border.

Coming off a packed rally for him by the President on Saturday night, Saccone says he's feeling good even if some polls show him a few points behind.

Lamb has accounted for 87 percent of all broadcast television ads from the Democratic side, while Saccone's campaign was responsible for just 12 percent of all ads sponsored by Republicans, according to Kantar Media's CMAG. It also found that a historical midterm election model as well as a model forecasting higher voter turnout yielded the same result, putting Lamb in the lead, although by smaller margins.

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Bob Zelleznick, 59, of Bethel Park, said he intends to vote for Lamb and hopes for a Democratic win that would make the White House sit up and take notice.

"A lot of steel mills are now opening up because of what I did", the president said of his introduction of tariffs. (Mr Trump called him "Lamb the sham" in his speech.) Another ad claims Mr Lamb wants to help Ms Pelosi give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

Saccone, has received almost $10.3 million support from super PACs and outside groups, including $3.3 million from the House-aligned super-PAC called the Congressional Leadership Fund and $3.5 million from the official election arm of the House Republican conference. When Trump announced previous year that he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate agreement, he said he was doing so because he was defending Pittsburgh, not Paris. "His two biggest accomplishments in life is that he was appointed by Obama and voted for Hillary", he said.

The groups sought to yoke Lamb to Pelosi and criticized him for opposing the 2017 tax-cut law written by Republicans.

While the district has just over 500,000 registered voters, U.S. Labor Department statistics show that metal production accounts for less than 10,000 jobs. He said he has not yet disagreed with the president on any policy issues.

"We're very concerned about this race", one national Republican involved in the campaign told TPM. Lamb touts his resume and declares that he wouldn't vote for Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi as party leader. He's said he personally opposes abortion.

Tuesday's special election was triggered by the resignation of Republican Rep. Tim Murphy last following a report that he allegedly asked an extramarital lover to end her pregnancy. The editorialists complimented Lamb as "an impressive young man", but warned that he could become part of a Democratic majority that would try to impeach Trump. Democrats needs to flip 24 seats to take it in the fall. The special election is being held after Republican congressman Tom Murphy resigned after a sex scandal. According to Axios, he is not-so-privately dumping on Saccone and his campaign, calling the Republican "weak".

"When one candidate outraises the other six to one and runs circles around the other, it creates real challenges for outside groups trying to win a race", he told The Associated Press. Taken together, all of this bodes well for Lamb in tomorrow's vote and would seem to at least guarantee that Saccone will vastly underperform President Trump even if he does manage to pull off a victory.

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