Trade Representatives From US, EU, Japan Discuss New Metal Tariffs

Many GOP Lawmakers Oppose Trump's Trade Policy. But What Can They Do?

Fairbanks companies fear impact of Trump's imposed steel tariffs

Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, said he agreed with Trump's view that the USA needs fair trade agreements, but he thinks Trump's broad tariffs could misfire instead of deliver higher wages and economic growth. But they've stalled over tough USA demands, including the administration's insistence that more auto production be shifted to America. As with most Trump utterances, it left everyone trying to decipher just what he meant, because the United States imports almost half its steel from four nations - Canada, Brazil, South Korea and Mexico - which are hardly enemies of the US.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that "no one can win in such a race to the bottom" while French President Emmanuel Macron said Trump risked provoking a mutually destructive "trade war".

Even before entering politics, Trump the businessman and real estate developer railed against what he viewed as unfair trade practices that left the US economy and American workers vulnerable.

USA allies seeking to avoid the steel and aluminum tariffs approved by President Donald Trump might be asked to step up their financial commitments to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Current and former White House officials often describe the president as being preoccupied with keeping campaign promises to his loyal supporters, even if those decisions are unpopular with a broader swath of Americans.

U.S. steel companies such as U.S. Steel Corp (X.N) and AK Steel Holding Corp (AKS.N) - seen as winners thanks to the president's actions - have lauded Trump's tariff on imported steel.

The EU said in a statement that both Brussels and Tokyo had serious concerns about the USA tariffs.

The U.S. steel industry employed about 147,000 people in 2015, according to the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic analysis.

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Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference that Japan's steel and aluminum shipments pose no threat to USA national security. The price of products made with that steel and aluminum would also rise, making US products less competitive at home and in foreign markets.

Those two countries were excluded due to "shared" commitments on national security and the reduction of excess production of steel worldwide, a provision aimed mainly at state-backed Chinese companies that Trump blames for having flooded the world with cheap steel.

"We call for calm-headed behavior", he told reporters. So Trump agreed to indefinitely exempt Canada and Mexico, another ally and metals supplier.

So, I say, let's try it. "If this is indeed critical for national security, it should not be used as a bargaining chip".

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D., Ohio) believes President Trump's tariffs will positively impact OH workers. DeBusk says she suspects that "other countries don't want to come to the beggars (seeking) mercy". Not because Norman is some master trade negotiator, but because when dealing with Trump, nations always need to realise he is an insecure, ego-driven fool who needs praise for doing the most ordinary of activities, and who sees every discussion and issue through the prism of how it makes him look.

Under the WTO norms, member countries can file a petition in the multi lateral trade body if a a decision of its trading partner does not comply with worldwide trade rules. Bush had argued that imports were hurting American manufacturers.

Pat Buchanan relayed some historical facts in last week's syndicated column: The U.S. relied on tariffs to convert from an agricultural economy in 1800 to the mightiest manufacturing power on earth by 1900. That could unleash a protectionist free-for-all, damaging to the global economy - something the WTO was created to prevent.

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