Top Republican says Trump will ditch Iran nuclear deal in May

Trump Plans to Win Nuclear Deal With North Korea – While Killing One With Iran

If Iran Deal Fails, US Will Find Another Way To Deal With Nuclear Weapons Program, Top General Says

Iran's deputy foreign minister said Friday that if there are any new European sanctions imposed against Iran, it will have a direct effect on the nuclear deal established between world powers and Tehran, Reuters further reported. Nevertheless, unless there is a recovery in the country's economic and investment prospects, Iran's commitment to the deal could gradually erode following a U.S. withdrawal, resulting in its eventual collapse.

On most issues, one European diplomat said, "we are close". They elected Trump. With Tillerson gone and Pompeo at State, McMaster will now have an ally at State who shares his belief that for Trump's warnings to North Korea to be credible, he must have well-developed and credible military options on the table.

Trump's January ultimatum set May 12 as the next key deadline, when he will have to decide whether to re-impose a slew of USA sanctions that were lifted as part of the nuclear deal.

"The deal put us in a marginally better place with respect to inspection".

Now, Pompeo - a former U.S. Army officer and Harvard Law School graduate who served in the House of Representatives before he was picked to lead the Central Intelligence Agency and is known to have Trump's ear - is expected to play a key role in planning for the Trump-Kim talks and on the larger North Korea issue.

The Iranian Javan newspaper said that replacing Tillerson with Pompeo signaled the end of the deal, writing that "for quitting the deal, [Tillerson's] dumping was necessary".

European Union leaders have launched a diplomatic effort to save the agreement, but some reports have said Trump has adopted an uncompromising approach in talks.

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Trump has long opposed the 2015 deal, which curtails Tehran's development of nuclear weapons in return for sanctions relief, partly because his predecessor in the White House, Barack Obama, regarded it as a signature achievement.

"I think Mike Pompeo will be a truly great Secretary of State".

Asked during March 13 testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee whether he agreed with Dunford and Mattis that the Iran deal served the US, Votel agreed.

But the personnel shifts that Trump is making within his national security team are likely to deepen his impulse to pull out. The move is seen as an attempt to keep Trump satisfied.

In Washington, Democrats in Congress and retired diplomats voiced concern that the collapse of the Iran deal could undermine high-stakes talks planned for May between Trump and North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Un, by calling into question if Washington would stand by its global commitments. His replacement, Mike Pompeo, has criticized the deal in the past, though some sources have said his views on the issue may have evolved.

The first European diplomat said their side sees some advantages to Pompeo's appointment. "There's even criticism that the Iranian foreign policy is overstretched-Iranians wondering, 'Why is there so much attention paid to Syria and not needs to the economic problems at home?' So all of these pressures are coalescing into what I think will be a confrontation with Iran in the coming year". He "will be more aligned". The confluence of regional geostrategic interests, moreover, will likely lead to an increased willingness for public diplomatic engagement between Israel and the Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) dominant power under Washington's tacit support for a normalization of GCC-Israeli relations. Corker said the administration doesn't know "exactly when it's going to occur".

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