Tomb Raider I, II & III Are Being Remastered For PC & VR

Alicia Vikander in a scene from Tomb Raider. Image Source

Alicia Vikander in a scene from Tomb Raider. Image Source

However, they're the original DOS ports running through an emulator, which throws up a bunch of performance, resolution and control problems.

Well, perhaps remasters of the first three Tomb Raider games might tickle your fancy. These remastered products will be based on the mobile version, OpenVR support, use of a new 3D engine, and it will be available free of charge to anyone who already owns the original game.

Presumably the remasters will feature better graphics, although exactly how much better is subjective as gameplay footage of the remasters for Tomb Raider 1 and 2 are available above and below.

While technically the Tomb Raider games they are updating are free, it requires the purchase of the original DOS version. All the new 3D post-processing effects can be turned on or off for those who prefer the original experience, and the remasters will add support for Xbox controllers as well.

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"The port is relying on Steam because we won't provide game data".

The developer has not revealed any specific release dates or windows for the Tomb Raider remasters.

However, don't expect the Realtech to work on a console remaster anytime soon, as the licence for publishing from Microsoft and Sony is too expensive. And because the old Tomb Raider games are often sold at a discount on Valve's platform for less than $2, players can get the remastered editions for quite cheap. It has already finished the first two games and is now working on Tomb Raider 3. There will be news in the upcoming months.

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