Taylor Swift Drops 'Delicate' Video, Dances Like No Ones Watching!

Kenzo on Taylor Swift's controversial video: 'It's hard to stay fresh'

Taylor Swift totally lets loose, and nobody's looking, in new 'Delicate' video

Jonze's Kenzo video featured Margaret Qualley ducking out of a glitzy gala to go choreographically berserk.

Taylor Swift is known for some cleverly hidden references in her music videos which eagle-eyed fans always spot. Delicate was directed by Taylor's frequent collaborator Joseph Kahn, who previously faced criticism for appearing to borrow imagery from Beyonce's 2016 Formation video for Swift's Look What You Made Me Do promo last summer (17).

That's not the only secret shout-out to Swift's hiking buddy that fans are seeing in the video, either.

Taylor's video starts off with the singer doing interviews on a red carpet and taking selfies with fans at an event while being flanked by security guards. Tearing the hem of her dress, and removing hateful high heel shoes, the singer does not just dance, but began to dance everywhere: at the reception-Desk in the hotel, the subway and on the street (and she did it in the pouring rain).

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Some Twitter users have even compiled clips and stills from both videos, comparing them side by side to show similar facial expressions, dance moves, and even entire shots.

In Swift's video, the pop star, who becomes bored with being interviewed by the press, also makes amusing faces in the mirror before realizing she is invisible. "The setting, color palette, choreography, everything", another person tweeted. Another said, "Taylor Swifts Delicate MV is a complete rip off of Spike Jonze's Kenzo advert with Margaret Qualley".

Swift has not yet commented on the claim.

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