Saudi Crown Prince to Visit White House Tuesday

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Saudi Crown Prince to Visit White House Tuesday

On his trip, officials said Muhammad is seeking to convince US and Western investors and businesses that far-reaching reforms, such as allowing women for the first time to drive, have made his country a more tolerant society and better place to do business.

The agenda will also surely include the White House's continuing efforts to develop a Middle East peace plan, an effort that appeared sidelined after Trump late previous year declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel and said he'd move the US embassy there from Tel Aviv. There was an uproar last month when a member of the Council of Senior Scholars said women should dress modestly but not necessarily wear the abaya.

A statement issued by the Saudi Embassy in Washington said the crown prince "is keen to engage with American audiences" at all stops on his US tour.

In his interview to CBC, Mohammad bin Salman said people of Saudi Arabia, especially his generation, had been victims of "religious extremism".

The Senate could vote as soon as Tuesday on a bipartisan resolution that seeks to cut off US military support for Saudi Arabia's military campaign in Yemen, which is aimed at fighting Iran-aligned Houthi rebels.

"Saudi Arabia, security as a priority for the US".

Any agreement among the Gulf nations could be formalized at a Trump-hosted gathering at the presidential retreat at Camp David, Maryland, where the Egyptian-Israeli peace accord was first struck in the Carter administration, the administration officials said.

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During the meetings, the the Trump Administration plans to discuss the new South Asia policy and seek the Kingdom's help in Pakistan taking action towards elimination of terrorist safe havens inside its territory.

The crown prince is due to meet with Trump's proposed new head of the State Department and the secretary of defense.

Of course, it is worth noting that Iran will never give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons, no matter what deal is in place.

But beyond some mild criticism of its role in the Qatar dispute and the Yemen war, relations with Saudi Arabia have only strengthened.

Third, beyond Saudi Arabia's borders, a permissive U.S. -Saudi nuclear cooperation agreement could damage non-proliferation efforts in the region and may even cause a cascade that includes Turkey, Egypt and the Emirates, turning the Middle East into a "nuclear cauldron". After spending four days in Washington - where he also will meet with top national security officials and lawmakers of both parties - the crown prince plans to travel to Boston, New York, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Houston before returning home on April 8. They have also jailed women for not covering themselves in public.

"The creation of al-Qaeda terrorist organization by intelligence bodies of Saudi Arabia and their systematic link with 9/11 attacks is known to everybody", reiterated Mr. Ghasemi.

"Bin Salman is blatantly using his trip to United States to pave his way to Saudi throne and apparently funneling hundreds of billions of dollars of the wealth of Saudi nation to the pockets of American arms industries has not been enough and he has to find a war around the background information recounting the role of current Saudi rulers in supporting terrorism and extremism".

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