Russian forces foil drone attack on Russian-run base in Syria

Russian forces foil drone attack on Russian-run base in Syria

Russian forces foil drone attack on Russian-run base in Syria

In February, Macron had promised "retaliation and an immediate response from France" if the Syrian regime was found guilty of using chemical weapons against civilians, adding it would eventually "be answerable to worldwide justice" for its crimes.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the Russian forces in Hmeimim have foiled the attack, which wasn't the first one against that base, the largest Russian-run facility in Syria.

Syrian troops cut off the major Eastern Ghouta towns of Douma and Harasta from the rest of the opposition enclave on Sunday, the Associated Press reported.

In the Ghouta offensive alone, at least 1,144 civilians have been killed, including 240 children, the Observatory said.

The official pointed out that the situation in Eastern Ghouta remained tense with militants having shelled Damascus from Eastern Ghouta with seven 120-mm shells.

Russia, which backs Syria's government in the civil war, and the United States, which has backed rebel forces seeking to topple Assad, met secretly in Jordan in June and announced a ceasefire in Syria's southwest a month later.

Assad and his ally Russian Federation say the assault on eastern Ghouta is needed to end the rule of Islamist insurgents over the civilian population and to stop mortar fire on nearby Damascus.

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Hundreds of people have been killed in a ferocious air and artillery bombardment of the eastern Ghouta district since February 18 as the Syrian government seeks to crush the last major rebel stronghold near the capital Damascus.

Backed by Russian Federation, the advance has battered Eastern Ghouta with air strikes, artillery and rocket fire, raising widespread worldwide concern and prompting urgent calls for a ceasefire.

His comments come amid numerous reports that government forces have targeted the besieged Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus with chlorine gas on several occasions since the start of an offensive on the region three weeks ago. "There's an bad lot of reports about chlorine gas use or about symptoms that could be resulting from chlorine gas", he said.

Its statement said the deal with the Russians was reached through the United Nations.

He says Turkish troops have destroyed water and power stations that supply the town of Afrin, making it hard for people to stay.

Jaysh al-Islam said the evacuations would take place in stages, but it did not say when they would begin.

The UN says more than 1,000 critically ill and wounded people, a lot of them women and children, are in urgent need of medical evacuation from the Eastern Ghouta.

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