Q2 2018 hiring intentions in Singapore: Sectors most likely to hire

Screenshot grabbed from Manpower Group India’s website

Screenshot grabbed from Manpower Group India’s website

Florida employers expect to hire at a rapid pace between April and June, according to a quarterly forecast by staffing company ManpowerGroup. "Prospects for the upcoming quarter remain strong, led by exceptionally strong growth in Quebec, where employers are hiring across multiple sectors". Meanwhile the Leisure and Hospitality sector has remained stable over previous quarters, but does not appear to be showing much momentum for expansion over the next three months.

After seasonal adjustments, the net employment outlook for the second quarter of 2018 hit 26 percent, up 1 percentage point from a quarter earlier and also up 3 percentage points from a year earlier, ManpowerGroup said.

Respectable workforce gains are anticipated in the construction sector and the finance, insurance, real estate and business services sector with outlooks standing at +11%, while a moderate increase in payrolls is expected in two sectors with outlooks of +10% - the mining and quarrying sector and the public and social sector. "It is also a decrease of three percentage points compared with the Outlook report during the same time past year, indicating a slow hiring period for the upcoming months". The strongest hiring prospects are reported in two regions with Net Employment Outlook of 17 per cent in north and south each.

Richmond employers are looking ahead to a positive hiring climate this spring, according to an employment survey. When compared with the previous quarter, hiring prospects are five percentage points stronger for medium employers, and micro employers report an improvement of four percentage points. However, outlooks weaken in four sectors, including the electricity, gas and water sector with a decline of 12 percentage points, and the wholesale and retail trade sector, where employers report a decrease of six percentage points. However, employers in the East report an improvement of 8 percentage points. Based on seasonally adjusted data, employers in Hungary report the most optimistic hiring plans in the EMEA region. In a year-over-year comparison, job gains are expected to improve in 16 of the 25 countries where comparison data is available, decline in six and are unchanged in three.

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The results from Indianapolis employers show a 23 percent net employment outlook, a dramatic increase from the 13 percent reported for this quarter.

Of the more than 11,500 USA employers who participated in the survey, 23 percent plan to hire; 3 percent plan to reduce staff; 73 percent expect to maintain current workforce levels; and 1 percent don't know.

The ManpowerGroup interviewed 58,000 employers in 43 countries and territories and especially 46000 employers in India as their sample size for the employment outlook survey.

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