Now Apple Maps Shows You the Nearest Bike-Sharing Stations

Apple Maps now includes bike sharing data for more than 175 cities

Apple Maps Now Shows Bike Sharing Stations in Montreal, Toronto and Beyond

An Apple Maps feature went live today with bike-sharing data for more than 175 cities in 36 countries.

This new feature along with some other make Apple Maps a great app for local guidance.

However, Apple Maps now only shows contact information and address of the services, whereas other more sophisticated applications offer the number of available bikes as well as empty docks.

Ito World has worked with many companies and has licensed as well as normalized bike-sharing data.

Apple isn't starting from zero as the company had already integrated some bike-sharing data in a handful of cities.

Once again, Apple chose to integrate an existing data set instead of putting together this data in-house. Apple Maps is limited to only showing users the address, name and contact information for the different doesn't have the ability to present data on the number of available bikes or empty docks at present, as pointed out by MacRumors.

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With this update, you can type "bike sharing" in any city and find the name of the service and the location of the closest station.

However, there is no integration with dockless bike-sharing services, like Jump, Mobike and Ofo, at the moment.

The maps app lists Citi Bike in NYC, Divvy in Chicago, Biketown in Portland, BIXI in Montreal, and Velib in Paris.

Apple has pushed-out an update to its Google Maps rival.

Apple Maps' bike-sharing data has been expanded. The app now also supports airport and mall maps etc.

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