New video shows Parkland deputy during school shooting

Florida sheriff's office releases surveillance video from school shooting

Parkland shooting: CCTV shows school policeman standing outside during massacre

The video released Thursday shows Peterson going toward the high school building while a gunman massacred 17 students and staff members, but stayed outside with his handgun drawn.

Surveillance footage form Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shows former school resource officer Scot Peterson and his response to the shooting - which has been criticised after it was disclosed that he did not immediately enter and confront the shooter - there last month. Seconds later, they are shown driving off in a golf cart.

During the six-minute shooting, as Nikolas Cruz turned classrooms into deadly chaos, Peterson hardly moved, and he never entered the building.

During much of the shooting, the camera's view of Peterson is blocked by a light pole but parts of him occasionally appear.

Asked what Peterson should have done, Israel said, Peterson should have "went in, addressed the killer, killed the killer". The negative impact of his inaction prompted him to retire rather than accept a suspension. He is still being investigated by internal affairs.

Back in 1999, during one of the first major school shootings, at Columbine High School in Colorado, SWAT teams surrounded the school but did not enter, allowing the two shooters to continue firing and eventually kill themselves.

Security footage from the school had somehow been rewound, and police were watching it on a 20-minute delay - leading them to believe the gunman was still in the building, when he was long gone.

The sheriff's office said in a press release "the video speaks for itself".

Such protocols are near-universal among U.S. law enforcement agencies. "After being suspended without pay, Peterson chose to resign and immediately retired rather than face possible termination".

A Florida judge earlier this week agreed with news outlets that the video should be released, despite resistance from police and school officials who felt it should have been held as evidence in an active investigation.

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Peterson's lawyer, Joseph DiRuzzo, said in February that the criticisms of the sheriff's department are a "gross over-simplification of the events that transpired".

Law enforcement on multiple levels has come under fire for the response to the shooting, which took the lives of 17 people.

He said Grollnek "has the advantage of hindsight, the deputies did not". Some of the technologies we have can really re-create the situations you can get in the training academy or in inservice training. "To attribute failures to training and leadership is far too premature", Dale wrote.

The 1200 building is also known as the freshman building.

In the video, Peterson is seen standing near an entrance to the school.

He then called for backup and for the school and a nearby intersection to be shutdown. "Stay at least 500 feet away at this point".

His attorney says Peterson did nothing wrong.

"He's twitching. There's blood all over", she said.

Nearly two minutes later, she replied that a perimeter needed to be set up around the school, the students needed to be evacuated and the area around the school shut down.

"Someone might want to check Scott Peterson's allegiances", someone else said. "Either way, the shooting of innocent bystanders must stop".

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