Motorola announces layoffs: Moto X5 cancelled, Moto Z series survived

Motorola to open 1,000'Moto Hubs to boost offline presence

The hubs could push revenue from offline channels to 50 per cent of total sales over a period of time

There are rumors that the Moto X5 might be cancelled, though there has never been any official confirmation about the next upgrade to Moto X4.

Yesterday there were reports that Motorola had laid off a significant number of employees from the engineering division of their Chicago branch, which Android Police later reported to have been 190 staff. In addition to smartphones, the Moto Hubs will be selling accessories such as headphones, moto mods, shells and case covers.

Motorola owners Lenovo are scaling back some of the brand's mobile operations, according to reports, with work on the Moto Mods extensions getting scaled back and the Moto X5 (the expected follow-up to last year's Moto X4) getting canned completely.

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As part of the strategy to consolidate its retail presence, earlier in January 2018, Motorola had announced the opening of 50 new Moto Hubs in New Delhi. Namely, an upcoming one that just leaked. Reports coming out of the USA are that not only have Motorola had to lay off employees but also that they have cancelled one of their popular lines of phones.

The company has probably cancelled the launch, as Lenovo wants to reduce costs and streamline its offerings, focusing more on the G, E and the Z series. They released their Moto Z line with add-on mods, which gave the phone an extra feature. Motorola has launched a virtual headset, custom built for the Moto Z line. Customers can experience the all-new JBL Sound Boost 2 speaker, Moto TurboPower Pack battery mod and the GamePad Mod to explore their passions. The company is planning to reduce phones for niche markets and will focus on offering devices that can bring in more profits.

Thanks to the financial report for the last months of 2017, we do know that the company is not doing as good as it supposed to, although the fourth quarter was a decent one. This was then refuted by Lenovo, after which a new report came out claiming that the Moto X line was dead.

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