MONTEITH: Trump Is Playing a Blinder Against Sucker Juncker on EU Trade

Mexico relieved, still wary about NAFTA effects

MONTEITH: Trump Is Playing a Blinder Against Sucker Juncker on EU Trade

Canada's Liberal government also had sprung into action to defend NAFTA and cross-border steel and aluminum trade once it became clear last week that Trump was serious about imposing tariffs.

Canadian officials and businesses breathed a sigh of relief last week when Trump confirmed that Canada and Mexico would be exempt from the new tariffs - at least for now.

"Recently we have seen how it is used as a weapon to threaten and intimidate us". The steel sector, for example, supported as many as 650,000 American workers in the 1950s, yet now employs only about 140,000.

Jens Spahn, state secretary in the German Finance Ministry, on Sunday called for negotiations, saying that "a trade war helped no one".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for an European Union exemption, while powers in Asia including Japan and China threatened to take the issue to the World Trade Organization and impose their own tariffs on American industries.

Planned talks between President Trump and his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong Un are also expected to lift the mood for investors.

Japan's trade minister sought an exemption from US import tariffs on steel and aluminum on Saturday and called for "calm-headed behavior" in a dispute that threatens to spiral into a trade war.

The decision to slap hefty tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum, which the White House made formal on Thursday, has roiled global markets, angered longtime trading partners and prompted threats from the president's own party to stop the tariffs through legislation. "If you're thinking about trying to get your key partners to actually cooperate with you on the underlying issue ... it's going to be much more hard to get them to do so if at the same time you're hitting them with tariffs".

So what happens when a country imposes tariffs?

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If ever we needed a further example of why the United Kingdom should get out of the EU and its pernicious Customs Union, this looming trade war is it. Small, export-focused countries stand to lose. That's bad news for restaurants and fans of steaks and hamburgers, who will pay those higher prices. The tariffs will also cost 14,400 jobs here.

One of the reasons they still happen despite this inefficiency is that consumers are typically a very large and dispersed group.

In fact, Mexico imports more than it exports and hence has a trade deficit.

Steel tariffs, however, don't follow this pattern.

UK Steel says 7% of its steel exports go to the USA, worth £360m.

Yet those arguments had little resonance with Trump during the fiery battle over tariffs that has played out in the West Wing in recent days.

"But of course the European Union also continues the preparations to ensure a firm and proportionate response in line with the WTO rules in the event USA measures should be applied", he added.

The Bush administration withdrew the tariffs in December 2003, about 21 months after they were imposed, but not without a cost. If Trump makes the U.S. an erratic and chaotic trade partner, Australia will be seen by China, South Korea, India and ASEAN as safe, reliable and on side in the Asia-Pacific.

"The U.S. was looking to close as many (NAFTA) chapters as possible".

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