Hard Brexit bill: €65bn for United Kingdom and EU27 firms

The US has signalled it could exempt certain countries from planned steel and aluminium tariffs

'You WILL regret it': EU chief Juncker says Brexit will be bad for Britain as he causes fury by saying the Irish border is a 'European issue'

In strident comments on the matter, Mr Tusk said: "If in London someone assumes that the negotiations will deal with other issues first, before moving to the Irish issue, my response would be: Ireland first".

The European Union would make the point before EU leaders meet at a summit on March 22-23 that the EU was a long-standing and trusted security partner of the United States and thus not a threat to national security and that the Pentagon only needed 3 percent of USA annual steel production to serve its needs. Mr Tusk said the lack of a solid outline of the future EU-UK relationship, incorporating the Irish Border, was hampering progress thus far.

Shanghai, China based Ashton Whiteley analysts say that although France maintains that it is not taking a hard line on Brexit negotiations, it does not see a strong possibility of a free trade deal being struck which grants the United Kingdom the level of access it seeks for financial services.

The Chancellor refused to say that Brexit is "worth it" as he insisted the Government has yet to model the economic effects of its hoped-for exit deal. Prime Minister Theresa May said this was unacceptable.

"The risk of destabilising the fragile peace process must be avoided at all costs. So we will be firm on this".

Berners-Lee calls for regulation to combat 'weaponised' web
He says that while the Web's problems are complex and large, they should be thought of as mere coding bugs. Today there are dominant forces online that stifle competition.

"It's hard to see how any deal that did not include financial services can look like a fair and balanced deal", said Mr Hammond. In the free trade agreement we can offer trade in goods, with the aim of covering all sectors, subject to zero tariffs and no quantitative restrictions. To ensure a level playing field, to ensure the integrity of the single market, and to ensure financial stability, this is why we cannot offer the same in services as we can in goods.

"Red tape" would also impact a number of other sectors, including agriculture, agri-food, consumer goods, chemicals and plastics, and financial services, due to the necessity to install new infrastructure to continue to serve clients within the European Union, the Oliver Wyman and Clifford Change report stated.

On Thursday Mr Trump said he would press on with the tariffs, which he claimed was in the interest of national security, despite the reservations of his Republican party.

Strong U.S. job growth data on Friday was balanced by slower increases in wages, resulting in money market traders sticking to bets that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates three times this year.

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