Google could rebrand Android Wear to Wear OS

Google is tweaking its search bar on its mobile site

Android Wear may rebrand to 'Wear OS' according to latest Google Play Services beta

With Android Wear usage way behind that of the Apple Watch and notably no major tech brands launching wearables at this year's MWC something needed to happen, but this wasn't necessarily what anyone expected. However it seems that Google could be looking to rebrand the platform, at least that's according to information found in the latest Google Play Services beta in which it has been suggested that Google could be rebranding Android Wear to "Wear OS". There are some Android Wear devices that can be used with Apple as well so it would make sense to call them Wear OS, keeping it neutral across all devices. Further research by XDA-Developers revealed the recently-launched Android P preview refers to Android Wear as Wear OS throughout its internals. Until then what do you guys think of "Wear OS" for branding? Without any official confirmation from Google, Wear OS remains unexplained for now.

If you're an iPhone owner, the word Android generally means something isn't compatible with your phone. In the case of Android Wear, you'll be notified that there's a watch nearby that can be paired with your phone.

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One user said he had asked the smart assistant to play certain music but Alexa reportedly defined the word "please" instead. Obviously you can't make a video call to a regular Echo, but that should be obvious seeing as how it doesn't have a camera.

Other than the new name and logo, we know nothing about this mysterious Wear OS.

This wouldn't be the first time that we've seen Google rebrand products. Its contactless payment service has been rebranded as Google Pay, rather than Android Pay. There are entirely too many ways that Google Lens now available on the mass-based Android can be misused, and it is the company's responsibility to ensure they start taking measures to avoid that from happening.

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