Fitbit's Newest Fitness Tracker Is Just For Kids

Fitbit app screen for Android showing female health and calendar

Fitbit app screen for Android showing female health and calendar

The Versa will be available in black, light gray, and rose gold with a classic band; a Versa Special Edition comes in graphite and rose gold with a woven band. As with any Fitbit product, the Versa also includes a robust array of fitness options. Additional bands and accessories will range from Rs 2,499 to Rs 8,999. The screen itself is considerably improved, sharing similar specifications to the Fitbit Ionic. The standard silicone bands will retail for $29.95, Horween leather bands will go for $49.95, and metal and mesh bands will be available for $79.95. Fitbit OS now plays nice with Deezer, so you can download offline playlists from the streaming service and pair Bluetooth headphones for a phone-free experience (provided you don't want Global Positioning System as mentioned). It also claims heart rate tracking with greater accuracy during exercises.

When it comes to Fitbit Pay, the company's wearable payment service, the situation is a little. unusual. There's also the option of a $229.95 Versa "Special Edition" in the USA which includes NFC and supports Fitbit Pay.

Why the discrepancy? Melanie Chase, Fitbit's VP of marketing, told us the reason is that adoption for NFC payments has been slow in the States. Fitbit promises at least 4 days of battery life for what it says is "the lightest metal smartwatch in the USA market". Fitbit has yet to specify an exact date for the watch's release around the world, but we'll update this hands on review when we hear more. It can log periods, track your cycle & gauge ovulation. The wearable brings a new version of Fitbit's OS with text notifications, on-device music, broader cross-platform compatibility, and easier navigation. Once it has enough data, it'll also make cycle predictions. There will also be groups in Fitbit's Community service for women to connect over.

The most exciting thing here is what Fitbit is doing in software.

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It's not a new concept, but having this easily available in the Fitbit app may help you understand fluctuations in your health and exercise regime better. By adding female health tracking, Fitbit is not only hoping to appeal to more women, but also to see how menstrual cycles interplay with weight, activity levels, sleep, and nutrition. Fitbit says the dashboard will change over time, showing more personalized information and even offering up celebrations for milestones reached. For example, while the CDC recommends 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week and at least seven hours of sleep for adults, the guideline for kids is actually 60 minutes of daily activity and at least nine hours for school aged kids. Hopefully that bodes well for the future of Fitbit OS - but right now, support is lacking. Melanie Chase says the closed nature of iOS doesn't allow them to offer the same functionality, but that it's looking at workarounds for specific apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

This includes a new personalised dashboard that provides a more simplified, intuitive and holistic view of your health and fitness data.

The Fitbit Versa is going on sale this April for $199.

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