Fiorentina honour Davide Astori with 1-0 win over Benevento

Davide Astori's coffin leaves the church

Thousands gather for funeral of Fiorentina captain Davide Astori

After the win, Fiorentina sit in the ninth spot in the Serie A table with 38 points, while Benevento remain in the last place with only ten points.

As a freakish quirk, Hugo was wearing the No.31 shirt when he scored exactly 13 minutes after the Astori tribute - at 13:00pm on the dot - on his 13th appearance for La Viola.

Thousands of supporters turned out to pay their respects at the defender's funeral in Florence on Thursday, and fans continued their tributes on Sunday as Fiorentina returned to domestic action against Benevento at Stadio Artemio Franchi.

Astori, who made 289 top-flight appearances, joined Fiorentina on loan in August 2015 and the club signed him outright one year later. Astori's number thirteen shirt has been retired by the club in his honour.

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Vitor Hugo scored the winning goal in the first half as La Viola remembered Astori before, after and during the match.

Both teams hit the post in the final minutes, through Massimo Coda and new Fiorentina captain Milan Badelj.

In the end, however, Hugo's header proved to be the difference between the two sides on a day when football seemed to matter little.

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