Celebrity 'snake whisperer' Abu Zarin Hussin dies after cobra bite

Man who didn't marry a snake dies by cobra bite

Abu Zarin Hussin was killed by a cobra bite

A cobra got the better of Malaysia's famous "snake whisperer", who died Friday from a bite from the deadly serpent, according to reports.

Firemen in Malaysia are often called upon to deal with snakes that have invaded people's homes as there are 26 venomous terrestrial snakes with life-threatening bites in the country.

Hussin, who was head of the Cobra-fighting department at the local fire brigade in Tamloh, was known for teaching his colleagues how to capture reptiles and snakes without harming them.

Confirming his death, Khiruddin Drahman, director of Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Department, said: "The snake he caught was a wild spitting cobra".

However the pictures were actually of Mr Hussin and his pet snake.

Abu Zarin Hussin Malaysian firefighter: A subject of celebrity and tabloid intrigue.


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Two years ago, several articles mistakenly identified him as a Thai man who had married his pet snake because he believed it was his dead girlfriend.

"I just want to express my disappointment over the attitude of a handful of foreign journalists who acted in clear violation of journalistic ethics in publishing the news, especially since the pictures were clearly taken from my Facebook account", he told The Star Online in November 2016.

"The snakes are with me so that I can observe their behaviour", he explained.

Snake whisperer Abu Zarin Hussin watches TV, plays soccer and reads bedtime stories to his 14ft venomous King Cobras.

Abu Zarin, who was in critical condition after being bitten by the snake he was attempting to catch in Bentong, was admitted to the Bentong Hospital on March 13 before being transferred to the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital.

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