Bulldog reportedly dies in overhead bin on United Airlines flight

The incident went down on a United flight from Houston to New York City

Dog dies on United flight after flight attendant forced passenger to put carrier in overhead bin

A woman traveling with a teenage girl and an infant boarded Flight 1284 from Houston to NY. yesterday (March 12) with a 10-month-old French bulldog inside a TSA-approved carrier, according to fellow passenger Maggie Gremminger, who was sitting behind them.

A family's French bulldog apparently suffocated during a flight from Houston to NY on Monday when a United Airlines flight attendant forced them to place the pet in an overhead compartment for the three-hour trip.

They confirmed the puppy, which can cost upwards of $1,000, should never have been placed in the overhead bins.

"We are thoroughly investigating what occurred to prevent this from ever happening again", Schmerin added.

That flight attendant told the airline she did not realize the pet was inside.

Fellow passenger, MaggieGremminger, who also witnessed the incident, said she was "disgusted and traumatized" by the incident.

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Flight attendants had, "assured the safety of the family's pet, so wearily, the mother agreed", Mr Lara said.

United Airlines has apologised after a passenger's dog died Monday evening during a flight. Gremminger said the owner was preoccupied by her infant during the flight and did not check on the pet, which fell eerily silent after barking during takeoff and as the plane ascended to its cruising altitude. Last year, the carrier was sued by the owners of a giant rabbit that died on one of its flights. "She sat in the airplane aisle on the floor crying, and all of surrounding passengers were utterly stunned", Gremminger tweeted.

"This little guy fought hard for his life, filling our flight with his cries until he finally ran out of breath", Lara wrote.

'This poor family paid $125 for their pet to be murdered in front of them.

Putting animals in the overhead compartment is against the airline's policies, which say pets are required to travel in carriers that "must fit completely under the seat in front of the customer and remain there at all times". Of 40 total incidents involving animal loss, injury or death in 2017, 18 incidents involved an animal's death on United Airlines.

United Airlines has "assumed full responsibility" for the death of a passenger's dog after it was placed in an overhead bin.

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