American Idol Slips in Night 2, Easily Bested by The Voice

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She even gets them out of their seats and dancing themselves, so it's no surprise when they give her three "yes" votes! Giving it his all, auto crash survivor David Francisco was the last performance of the night.

Initially, the judges were like "nah, dog", as we can see from the below photo, but if you think Bryan, Perry, and Richie are immune to the rollicking beats of an impromptu dance party, you don't know your "Roar" from your "Hello".

"I've never been in a relationship", he told the trio of judges.

Well as it turns out, American Idol judge, singer and frog impersonator, Katy Perry is the one who is making the most headlines out of everyone. Some truly incredible voices-and some pretty unique ones, too-got their chance to sing for the judges and earn that coveted golden ticket to Hollywood. Dropping her body low to the ground, she struggled to pop herself back up and slid onto the floor, appearing to expose her underwear (which was censored out by show producers), to the shock and horror of Bryan and Richie.

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The judging panel agreed Michelle should get a shot to go to Hollywood, but Katy wasn't entirely convinced Michelle could compete with the level of talent they had already found. That's when Katy Perry beckoned him forward and surprised him with a kiss. But it was his day job that had the judges fascinated. Luckily, her somewhat over-the-top rendition of Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman" was enough to convince the judges to save her from a life of drudgery and send her to Hollywood.

The singer laughed it off and Lionel joked: "There are some things you have to do for the business!" He had the judges singing along with him, but there was no ticket for him.

Monday night had the first head-to-head battle pitting ABC's rebooted version of American Idol against NBC's reality leader The Voice.

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