Alexa Brief Mode will make it less talkative

Alexa Replaces Some Spoken Responses With Beeps

Amazon Alexa gains 'Brief Mode' with less verbose remarks after doing simple tasks

Asking Alexa to do something results in a vocal response (unless she's lost her voice), but that's not always really necessary and Amazon is experimenting with replacing Alexa's voice with other sounds to convey a response.

Reddit users at /r/AmazonEcho spotted the interesting new feature in Amazon Echo that makes Alexa less talkative and more efficient.

This seems to be the only difference with brief mode - using beeps instead of verbal cues to acknowledge successful commands - but it's not hard to imagine how Amazon might expand its applications.

The Future Today Institute, which forecasts how emerging technology will disrupt business, said in its recent 2018 Tech Trends Report that traditional smartphones are on the way out, and that over the next decade, we'll start to transition to devices we control using voice.

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Even the users who reported to have gotten the feature at first said it disappeared after a few hours.

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With Brief Mode, Alexa doesn't say anything after the task is completed; instead, the Echo device emits a beep tone., for example, suggests that complete silence might be more preferable than a beep.

Amazon did not make an announcement or provide a comment on the update. It allows you to toggle a switch, and in turn, Alexa will speak less. If you've had complaints about Alexa's chattiness and unnecessarily detailed responses, a beta feature called "Brief Mode" could save the day. Apparently, it's already rolling out to Alexa devices and will appear in the settings menu of the Alexa app.

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