Air Canada's IT glitch fixed but delays still possible

Air Canada computer glitch causing long lines across Canadian airports

Air Canada system outage leading to long delays at Vancouver Airport

Air Canada's check-in counters were back online Monday after a massive network outage snarled travellers who were trying to board their flights.

The latest advisory issued by Air Canada this afternoon, just after 3 p.m., says passengers should check-in online to save time at airport.

Others were slightly delayed and the airport referred travellers needing immediate assistance to contact Air Canada at 1-905-671-7769 or through the Air Canada Jazz website,

Passengers are reporting long lines at the airport and it appears some flights are grounded until further notice.

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At least one Air Canada flight out of Victoria International Airport has been cancelled this morning in the wake of a nation-wide computer system failure at the national carrier.

Although the technical issues that plagued Air Canada passengers (during March Break, no less) all have been resolved, some travelers are still experiencing significant delays.

This means you have to check in manually and it's causing huge delays at airports.

Vasudha Sharma, a digital broadcast journalist, tweeted that around 100 or more passengers were waiting to get checked in at Pearson. The flight was scheduled to depart at 10 a.m.

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