2 weeks before death, Stephen Hawking predicted that world would end

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The newspaper also reports that the paper's contents set out the mathematics needed for a deep-space probe to gather evidence which could prove that other universes exist.

The Hawking-Hartle model describes the universe in its early stages and explains that there was no existence of time before the Big Bang and that the beginning of the universe as a concept is meaningless.

The report mentions that if this theory holds true and the existence of parallel universes is proven scientifically, Hertog will be eligible for a Nobel.

However, in his last paper, Hawking has argued that the multiple Big Bangs - evidence for a multiverse - should be measurable via "background radiation dating back to the beginning of the universe".

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Stephen Hawking was working right up until his death last week on his final work - A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation - which is now being reviewed by a leading scientific journal.

The multiverse theory suggests the existence of other universes other than our own, but the idea presented a mathematical paradox because it seems impossible to measure.

The research paper predicted how the universe would eventually die when the stars run out of energy, but said humans could use probes to find new universes to inhabit, according to The Sun. It also predicted a multiverse which means the phenomenon was accompanied by several other "Big Bangs" creating separate universes.

A founding trustee of the Stephen Hawking Foundation has said he is certain that the late scientist "did not support the claims" made by Union minister Harsh Vardhan that "our Vedas might have a theory which is superior to Einstein's theory of E=mc2", reported The Telegraph today. Professor Neil Turok, the director of Canada's Perimeter Institute, was confused why Hawking found the theory appealing. Prior to the physicist's ground-breaking discovery, black holes were assumed to be so dense that they even pull in light; nothing can escape the gravitational pull of black holes. Thomas Hertog expressed his sadness with the fact that Hawking wouldn't receive a Nobel due to the many reasons aforementioned.

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