World's most powerful rocket launched into space

Starman's journey creates online frenzy after SpaceX launch

World's most powerful rocket launched into space

The highly reliable Russian Soyuz has five engines, as did the American Saturn V vehicle (in the first stage).

The much delayed, much maligned rocket is just what the space agency needs to escape from the governmental bureaucracy that has bound her to Low Earth Orbit for the past 45 years.

"The last time I was thrilled by a rocket launch was seeing China's Shenzhou 10 spacecraft carrying our trio of taikonauts in 2013".

On Tuesday the company successfully launched its new rocket, the Falcon Heavy, from Kennedy Space Center, sending a test payload of Musk's Tesla Roadster into deep space. It's unlikely that the vehicle will ever collide with anything major, since it's so small.

Elon Musk has a trust a problem on Wall Street, but there's no denying Tesla makes great cars, says Oppenheimer's Colin Rusch.

Despite production struggles, Tesla reiterated its cosmic ambitions to launch the next-gen Roadster in 2020, touting it as the "fastest auto in the world", which will put to rest "any debate about the limitations of electric vehicles".

The name for the driver came from the eponymous David Bowie song, and as a further tribute to the late Bowie, the song "Life On Mars" is playing on loop inside the vehicle. The dummy astronaut was named Starman, taking on aflavour of a certain superhero from a movie. On the dashboard is a plaque with the words "Don't Panic", a reference to Douglas Adams' novel, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". But whether that happens in Texas or Florida is still to be determined, Dale Ketcham, chief of strategic alliances for Space Florida, told me Thursday.

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Falcon Heavy also made history by landing side boosters shortly after liftoff.

'The Falcon Heavy's boosters disengaged, and had to land safely on landing pads with pin-point accuracy, ' Colbert shouted with excitement. It also means that the company will abandon the one-time Falcon 9 as it does not have recovery payload.

Debates are certain to escalate over the appropriate roles of the government versus the private sector in the future of the space program, but for this moment perhaps it is enough to simply enjoy the images that Musk himself calls "ridiculous and impossible". Well, the launch was basically successful, at least not a fireworks show. The vehicle is headed very close to Ceres, according to the orbit route shared by Mr Musk. Hooray for humans' relentless efforts to explore unknown worlds and pursue greatness! But I can see a path where we get to say 600,000 Model 3 production and 100,000 S and X, so maybe 700,000, which should be like nearly 50% more than GM or Toyota got out of the plant. "It's going to greatly change not just space travel, it's going to greatly change travel on Earth as well". Congratulations to the US.

The buzz around the Falcon's launch has also, to some extent, negated state media's ballyhooing about China's indigenous Long March rocket family, which has launched some 170 satellites into space since the 1970s. And more importantly, wearing a suit like Starman's in space would probably kill you in minutes.

Interested in solar? Get a solar cost estimate and find out how much a solar system would cost for your home or business. This is an increase of 33 percent compared to a year ago but still not enough to keep the company above water. It's the same with the Falcon Heavy. The upside of it is quick impacts, but it can't be sustainable as it neglects the economy and burns money fast.

In a rare admission of weakness, Xinhua noted afterward that even if the rocket's journey had been smooth, the jewel in the crown of China's engineering might remains insufficient to propel a Chinese shuttle, with taikonauts and rover, to the moon.

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